Melania Avoids Trump’s Hand-Holding Again At Rome’s Fiumicino Airport In Italy, Viral #HandGate No. 2 [Video]

First Lady Melania Trump was already going viral and getting 20,000 searches for “Melania hand slap,” as reported by the Inquisitr. Fresh off the heels of that hand-slapping diss, which has received more than 5.6 million views alone for the video titled “Melania Trump swatting Donald’s hand away,” seen below, comes a new video going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

That video seems to show Melania once again avoiding holding President Donald Trump’s hand as the president and First Lady Melania deplaned from Air Force One as soon as they landed in Rome, Italy, at the Fiumicino Airport on Tuesday, May 23. As seen in the below video, which has been reposted many times on social media, President Trump and Melania wave to the crowd, and as Mr. and Mrs. Trump appear to move forward towards the stairs of Air Force One, President Trump reaches with his right hand for Melania’s left hand. Instead of taking President Trump’s hand in her hand, Melania uses her left hand to shift her hair.

Melania can be seen shifting her hair in this photo after she and President Trump landed in Rome for a highly anticipated meeting with Pope Francis.

The video of Melania once again seeming to avoid holding President Trump’s hand appears many times in Twitter’s video tab, with all sorts of theories as to what may have happened to cause Melania allegedly not to want to hold her husband’s hand.

While some theorize it was just a coincidence, and that Melania might have moved her hand to tend to her hair in the blowing Italian wind, others are using more detailed body language theories to figure out what is going on with the hand-holding power plays.

The Independent notes that Melania’s seeming refusal to hold President Trump’s hand signals her own need for independence and that Melania potentially doesn’t want to be treated like a wayward child by her older, more fatherly husband.

Twitter users have their own theories. The foreign trip abroad with Mr. and Mrs. Trump perhaps in closer quarters than they are accustomed to may just be “too close for comfort” for the Trumps.

Others are quipping that Melania’s refusal to hold hands represents the notion that rumors of a forthcoming divorce may have truth to them. Either way, Melania’s hand-holding avoidance in some circumstances is surely making for viral videos and GIFs on social media and giving viewers plenty to talk about regarding the body language given off by Melania and President Trump.

Some of the theories on Twitter about Melania’s hand-holding alleged avoidance at Fiumicino’s Leonardo Da Vinci International airport near Rome can be read in comments below.

Perhaps the meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican with Melania and President Trump will cause the tone of such comments below to shift.

“Melania: Don’t touch me.”

“Melania just rejected Donald Trump’s hand holding. Again.: The Trumps…”

“‘Still not touching you’ – Melania.”

“Melania with the curve (again)! This time landing in Rome with Donnie.”

“Melania moved her hand, again. This time she was less obvious. She really doesn’t want Donald touching her hand.”

“Donald Trump face-timing Bannon after Melania keeps acting up .”

“She did it again. Melania we are starting to like you girl.”

“Yo Melania is really not with holding his hand though.”

“The Beatles make a plea to Melania on behalf of Trump.”

“Maybe U.S. government should be asking Melania about Hubby Trumpy is colluding with Russia. She just won’t hold your hand .”

“Melania dodges Trump.. for the second day in a row.. we have decided to stan forever.”

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