‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady’s Shocking Fate Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here, and they are spectacular. Viewers of the show may want to put a hand over their eyes because they’re in for a bumpy ride when it comes to Brady’s health.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Brady’s health is really on the decline. As fans of the show know, he took a turn for the worse after he suffered a gunshot wound. For a while, it looked like he would recover, but it looks like he’s in grave danger. As Days of Our Lives fans know, Brady received a heart transplant from Daniel, but now it turns out that his body is rejecting the heart, which means if he doesn’t get another transplant he’s going to die. So, what does this mean for his fate on Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that the fan favorite is convinced he won’t make it. He starts to get things in order with his family before he dies. According to spoilers, he’s insisting on saying goodbye to the people that mean the most to him. His father, John, will take Brady’s parting words the hardest as he just can’t imagine going on without his son.

It’s obvious that Brady has given up and lost all hope for his future because of just how bad he’s had it over the last few weeks and who can blame him? After all, he confessed that he was in love with Nicole after he helped her escape with baby Holly. As Days of Our Lives fans know, Nicole wasn’t enthusiastic about entering into a relationship with him even though she sought out comfort from him throughout her whole ordeal.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that he will continue with his goodbyes and may have some words for Marlena. Seeing as how important she is in his life, it’s likely that they will share a touching moment. That said, spoilers indicate that the toughest goodbye for Brady is saying goodbye to his son, Tate. He never thought he would ever have to leave him behind, and he’ll worry about how Tate will survive without a mother and a father.

That said, Days of Our Lives always knows how to keep fans on their toes. So, Brady won’t have to worry about his health for too long. Despite feeling depressed over his situation, as it turns out he will get a new heart. Spoilers indicate that his health won’t be dire for too long as his body doesn’t reject his second transplant.

Days of Our Lives spoilers haven’t given any clues as to whether Brady and Nicole’s relationship will advance. Writers could use this particular scare with death to bring them closer together, but we haven’t heard any news about their fate as a couple.

Regardless, Soap Shows reported that Nicole is very worried about her ex’s condition. Keep in mind Nicole has her own mess to worry about, aside from being at her former lover’s bedside. However, all of this might wind down as actress Arianne Zucker prepares to leave the show.

The news broke in March that Zucker decided not to renew her contract with Days of Our Lives. Two years prior to her announcement, she thought about leaving the soap due to the decline in her airtime. At the time, she told Soap Digest, “I think listening to the fans, too, and their disappointment over how this character has been written and pushed aside and slapped around, you try not to take things personally, but it’s hard not to. Behind closed doors, you go, ‘Come on, guys, give me a story.'”

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