‘Young And The Restless’ Shocker: Adam Alive, Locked In Insane Asylum – Chloe’s Revenge Exposed

Young and the Restless spoilers tease a major twist coming in the tale of Adam Newman’s fate even as fans await the recast actor announcement. Y&R fans know Adam didn’t die in the cabin explosion, and with recast rumors running rampant, it seems Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) could find her husband while chasing Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson). But where Chelsea finds Adam is the biggest shocker of all.

Chloe Wants Vengeance

From Young and the Restless character history, we know that the last thing Chloe wants is for Adam to live a long and happy life. At first, Chloe seemed intent on murdering Adam, as when she ran him down outside the courthouse after his sentencing in Delia’s hit and run death. That would have been an eye-for-an-eye-payback if Adam died under the wheels of a car much the same way as Delia.

Unfortunately, Chloe’s aim was off, and Adam was injured but survived, and she wound up institutionalized once again. Chelsea found out on Monday, May 22 from the administrator at the mental facility that Chloe was sent to a higher risk institution in Louisiana after she ran over Adam. Young and the Restless spoilers say Chelsea heads down South soon chasing this lead.

Death Too Good For Adam?

After Chloe’s plot to run down Adam failed, she was put under heavy lock and key, but we know from Young and the Restless revelations that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) bribed officials for her release. This means that the Louisiana facility is corrupt, and that plays into Chloe’s ultimate revenge plan. At first, Chloe wanted Adam dead when he survived the hit and run, but she came up with another plan.

Chloe was thrilled when Adam was falsely sentenced to jail for killing Constance Bingham (Sally Kellerman), but then he got off on that charge. Chloe was frustrated again, but Adam’s time behind bars inspired Chloe’s final revenge scheme. Just as Adam was about to run off with Connor and Chelsea, Chloe delivered her coup de grace. Y&R spoilers tease Chloe decided death was too good for Adam.

Chloe’s Fitting Punishment for Adam

After Adam evaded prison time for the false case Chloe and Victor built against him, Chloe decided on a more fitting fate for her nemesis. Since Chloe has to live a lifetime without Delia, she wanted Adam to have a lifetime without the ones he loves: Chelsea and Connor. After all, if Chloe wanted Adam dead, she could have just cut his throat and left him in the woods to die after tranquilizing him with a dart.

But Young and the Restless spoilers tease Chloe had something much more dastardly – and personal – in mind. Chloe knows well the torment of living life in a padded room in an asylum and that’s what she planned for Adam, say the newest Y&R spoilers. On Friday, Chelsea meets Dr. Harris (Ron Melendez) and that’s when the twist of Chloe’s final revenge begins its tortuous reveal.

Adam Drugged And Locked Away

On Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Ms. Lewis, the administrator, told Chelsea, “Patients that go to these more secure facilities are involuntarily committed, unlike here. If a patient is proven to be a danger to others, doctors are very reluctant to further endanger public safety by releasing them.”

While this was a lesson on what happened to Chloe, it was also a spoiler about Adam’s fate as well.

Spoilers for Friday’s The Young and the Restless from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) stops holding back and decides to support Chelsea in the hunt for Chloe to avenge his dead brother. The clues lead to Louisiana and Dr. Harris. Y&R rumors tease this is the secure facility where Chloe had Adam committed under another name so he would be stuck there with no hope.

Recast Adam Revealed At Asylum

If these Young and the Restless spoilers play out, the new Adam Newman will be revealed at the southern asylum. However, it might be that Y&R will only show us a glimpse, even just the back of his head, while he sits rocking alone in his room, drugged out of his mind. Chloe has contacts at the shady mental facility and could have bribed them to admit Adam involuntarily as a dangerous lunatic.

There is no word on when Adam will be discovered by Chelsea, but we should get a glimpse of him soon as Chloe’s final revenge is revealed. With Adam drugged by Chloe’s accomplices, he’s got no chance to speak for or save himself from his terrible confinement, and that’s truly a fate worse than death. Does Adam deserve this torment inflicted on him by crazy Chloe?

Will Adam Know Himself At All?

There are conflicting Y&R spoilers on Adam’s return. Some predict the end of May sweeps, which wraps this week. Another date that’s been kicked around is November sweeps. However the recast Adam arrives, the fate that has befallen him at the mental facility will shape his future. Adam might not know who he is since he’s been drugged and held in secret under another name.

With Elizabeth Hendrickson confirmed gone from Y&R, it’s far more likely that Chelsea will find Adam at the end of her scavenger hunt than her former bestie. Fans are divided on whether they want Adam resurrected and who they’d like to see in the role. All will be revealed soon, according to these latest Young and the Restless spoilers.


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