‘Devil’s Canyon’ Follows Gold Miners Into The Remote Wilds Of British Colombia

Three men will attempt to travel separately, deep into the remote area known as Devil’s Canyon in an attempt to unearth a fortune in gold. According to Channel Guide Magazine, Devil’s Canyon follows gold miners Boyce Goff, Ben Van Der Valk, and John Belchik as they attempt to venture deep into the forest where there are no roads, no trails, and no help. Preparation is important, each man will have to decide what is essential to mine and live in the wilds. Their backpacks won’t be light, each man can end up carrying up to 130 pounds or more, and they need to save room for any gold they find.

Legend has it that there could be millions in untouched gold in Devil’s Canyon, it just has to be found. The story behind the legend says that for every 100 men who enter the canyon, 90 go home empty handed. The gold rush began in British Colombia in 1858, and 30,000 hopeful prospectors flooded the area. The conditions were so bad that the following year only 3,000 hardy miners remained in Devil’s Canyon.

Those odds aren’t very good, but these three men are willing to risk their lives by going into places where no one else is willing to go, but that’s what it will take to find the gold in Devil’s Canyon. Since they won’t be accompanied by camera crews, they will be responsible for documenting their own experiences in the Devil’s Canyon, which will just add to the risk factor. The journey itself will be full of challenges as the men face an extremely harsh and rugged environment in Devil’s Canyon. If they have an accident or injury, there will be no one around to come to their aid.

With winter right around the corner making conditions even more difficult in Devil’s Canyon, they will be climbing steep terrain, inching across slippery slopes, avoiding predators, and navigating dangerous waters. If they aren’t properly prepared, they will not make it very far before being forced to turn back. In the first episode, viewers will meet Boyce and Ben as they begin their journey into Devil’s Canyon.

Having traveled all over the country, 43-year-old Boyce Goff has made thousands of dollars mining for gold, but he is ready to find that one big payoff. He currently works as a hospital security guard, but he wants more for his family. He is fully aware of what it will take to get in and work the area he’s selected. He only has about six weeks to mine, this is the time of year when the water is at the lowest level, which makes it possible for him to get in and work the ground.

Thirty-one-year-old Ben Van Der Valk has been mining for 10 years, with the gold he finds providing him with his only source of income. Ben realizes that this may be the most dangerous thing he’s ever done, knowing that the canyon has taken hundreds of lives of miners who tried to do exactly what he and the others are attempting in Devil’s Canyon. His pack weighs over 120 pounds, and carrying extra filming and camera equipment means he had to do without some items. He went light on food and plans to supplement what he has by hunting and fishing.

Devil’s Canyon will also be following John Belchik as he begins his trek into the canyon in search of gold. Older than the other two, he has a lot of experience that should serve him well in his search. Like the others, he knows that his time is limited, and races to find as much gold as possible before the weather makes it impossible to mine in the treacherous Devil’s Canyon. The Futon Critic shared that it all comes down to man vs. nature in one of the harshest locations anywhere, all for the chance to steal the Devil’s gold.

Each man will have his own harrowing experiences in Devil’s Canyon, and it remains to be seen if they can fight through the challenges to unearth a massive fortune that could change their lives. Will you be checking out this new series? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Devil’s Canyon below. The series premieres on Tuesday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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