Kim And Kanye At Disneyland: How Celebrities Sneak Around Disney Parks To Avoid Fans

Kim and Kanye were spotted at Disneyland this weekend, getting their Space Mountain on with their niece and nephew, Kourtney Kardashian’s kids Penelope Disick and Mason Disick. How do high-profile celebrities like the Kardashians and Kanye West get around Disney parks, where tens of thousands of other park-goers are likely to recognize them and bug them for selfies and autographs?

The answer to that question varies from celebrity to celebrity, of course. Some will undoubtedly try to look as “touristy” as possible, keep their heads down, and try to blend in. Others will opt for a V.I.P. experience, complete with a private tour guide as well as security to keep the celebrity and his/her companions safely tucked away from the other guests. Clearly, Kim and Kanye went the more secure and more expensive route, so for this post, we’ll look at how the Walt Disney Company handles the needs of high-profile people who just want to enjoy their day like everybody else.

The V.I.P. Tour Experience

It’s not just celebrities who are offered the opportunity for a V.I.P. tour experience at a Disney theme park. According to the Walt Disney World website, anyone who is willing to spend the money (about $400 to $600 per hour, more if you require additional security) can get the V.I.P. experience. Here’s what that gets you.

  • Immediate, front-of-the-line seating on all attractions, even if the guest wants to ride them over and over again.
  • Reserved VIP seating for parades, stage shows, fireworks shows, and so on.
  • A knowledgeable Disney cast member who serves as you concierge (plus any additional security you want to hire).

Take a look at the tweet below from a fan who was at Disneyland that day and spotted Kim and Kanye. See the guy in the plaid vest in front of Kim and to her right? That’s a Disney Cast Member, probably the family’s guide for the day.

It’s impossible to say with certainty, but the man behind Kim and to her right is probably a security guard; not a lot of theme park guests visit Disneyland wearing nice slacks and a button-up shirt.

Keeping Ahead Of The Crowds

Even with a private tour guide and (if you so desire) some additional security, there’s still the matter of having to get through throngs of people. And even if you’ve paid for front-of-the-line access, you and your entourage can’t just squeeze past the regular crowds waiting in line like the rest of us.

V.I.P. tours avoid most of these problems by employing a little trickery. For example, at Disneyland, Kim and Kanye were observed by a guest getting onto a popular ride by entering through the exit, according to E! News.

“We were in Toontown and they were entering the Gadget’s Go Coaster through the exit.”

Over in Florida, where there’s a lot more breathing room, V.I.P.’s often escape the crowds by coming and going through backstage, cast-member-only areas. For example, back in 2016, when Adele and her family visited Walt Disney World, when she got off of Pirates of the Caribbean, she and her crew were taken through an “Employees Only” door, safely away from the throngs.

What It’s Like Working With Celebrities At Disney Theme Parks

If you’re ever bored, look up “working with celebrities Disney theme parks” on your favorite search engine, and read through the results. Several current and former Disney cast members have posted stories of their experiences working with (or at least, being in the same room as) celebrities, and they’re amusing, to say the least.

Like this guy, who, according to Theme Park Insider, has seen it all.

“I once watched a showing of the Country Bear Jamboree next to George Lucas at the Magic Kingdom. I made change for Dustin Hoffman at the Shootin’ Arcade, loaded Michael Jackson and his entourage onto a boat at Pirates of the Caribbean, and watched a young Alexa Ray Joel play with a couple fellow cast members while her dad, Billy, and his band rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.”

Despite having millions of dollars and the world at their fingertips, celebrities (some of them, anyway) are like the rest of us and want to get their Mickey Mouse on from time to time. Just because they’re in the public eye doesn’t mean that they should be denied that opportunity, and Disney has stepped in to make sure that anyone willing to spend the money, celebrities included, can get a V.I.P. experience where they’re kept safely away from the crowds.

Have you ever seen a celebrity at Disneyland or any other Disney theme park? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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