‘Big Brother 17’ Vanessa Rousso Is A Victim Of Swatting, Police Report She Is ‘Not Cooperating’ [Updated]

Update: Vanessa Rousso posted to Twitter that her social media account was hacked, and everyone is okay.

Big Brother 17 alum Vanessa Rousso gave her Twitter followers a scare after she claimed that her family was being held hostage in Hobe Sound, Florida. What’s worse, the professional poker player said the local police were ignoring her calls. Her fans took swift action, making sure the police helped her and that she was safe from any threat.

Vanessa Believed She Was In Danger

Vanessa tweeted to her followers on Monday night that she was in danger and could not get through to the police. She urged someone, anyone to help her.

“Help me I’m in danger, please help I’m at the seven eleven in Hobe South Florida, and I can’t get through to police,” Vanessa tweeted.

Big Brother fans reacted immediately with questions if she is okay and where she is so they could call the cops for her. A few people asked if she was hacked or if she was pranking her followers for attention. Rousso assured her fans that she was not joking and it was a serious matter.

“The police are ignoring me and my calls please Kelsea you know me, this is serious,” Rousso wrote to one of her followers.

Within a few hours, Big Brother 17 winner Steve Moses reported that Vanessa was safe and the police were with her. Apparently, that’s all the police would tell him when he contacted them about her plea on Twitter.

Police Department Claimed She Wouldn’t Cooperate With Them

The most shocking part of the report was when the Jupiter Island Police Department in Hobe Sound, Florida, claimed that Vanessa was not working with them. Big Brother fans showed concern for Rousso and wondered if she was “on something.” A few followers questioned if the former Big Brother contestant was on meth or some other illegal drug.

Vanessa Rousso’s fans are worried about her. [Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

“Vanessa Rousso is not in any danger…but not cooperating,” wrote a Big Brother follower after speaking to the local police department.

She Was Swatted, And Her Tweets Were Real

There isn’t much known about what actually happened right now. What the Big Brother fans do know is that Vanessa was swatted and her tweets for help were real. She believed that she was in danger.

According to Business Insider, the definition of swatting is falsely reporting a crime, deploying the SWAT team to someone’s address under false pretenses. Someone likely found out where she was and called in a fake emergency. SWAT will come out if someone calls to say someone is being held at gunpoint or claims someone is going to kill themselves.

So the question remains, how did someone get her location to be able to swat her, to begin with? Apparently, swatting is a common practice and if caught, can result in jail time. Law enforcement reported that it is easy for strangers to find out her location, as she displayed it on social media.

What To Do If You Are Swatted

The police reported that anyone can be swatted and gave three-pointers to follow if it happens to you.

First, be careful with your information on social media. Don’t give your location and hide your IP address. It will help protect you from someone being able to see your exact location and reduce the probability that someone can summon a SWAT team to your address.

Secondly, call the police department and report that you think you are being swatted. Ask them to call you before responding to a violent threat to your home.

Lastly, if the police do come to your home, comply with their request. Allow them to do their investigation and explain that there is no threat.

Vanessa Is Safe

Rousso has not updated her Big Brother followers since her plea for help last night. However, multiple people have talked to the police about her situation, and law enforcement confirmed that she is not in any danger. Hopefully, Vanessa will give an update to her social media accounts later today.

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