Moby’s Stalker Strikes Again, And Why He Can’t Talk About The ‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot

Moby’s intrusive stalker just can’t seem to disappear from the EDM pioneer’s life even in spite of a restraining order against her.

Moby’s stalker, named Kelly Lord, allegedly showed up at the singer’s home in Hollywood Hills again despite the restraining order, which Moby requested after the obsessed fan caused a bizarre scene in December, looking for condoms and killing spiders in the singer’s bushes.

Half a year later, Lord is apparently still looking for condoms and killing spiders in Moby’s bushes. On Saturday morning, things took a little Twin Peaks turn when security at Moby’s home had to call police after spotting Lord outside the singer’s house on surveillance footage, according to TMZ.

This time there was something stopping Lord from getting on the property – probably the restraining order – as guys from Moby’s security say the intrusive stalker was just shy of standing on the singer’s property.

Lord did, however, violate the restraining order, which was reason enough to call the cops. But by the time police arrived, Moby’s stalker had fled the scene.

Moby requested a restraining order against Lord back in December, with the judge ordering the stalker to stay 100 yards away from his home, work, and car.

Lord is apparently a fan of “Extreme Ways” when it comes to dealing with restraining orders. The woman has a long history of stalking Moby, and she does seem to have some kind of fetish with hanging around Moby’s home.

Back in December, Lord’s behavior turned threatening when the stalker kept threatening to “f***ing destroy” a car belonging to one of Moby’s houseguests.

TMZ reported about Lord confronting the houseguest and blasting him for allegedly leaving a condom in Moby’s bushes. Apparently pretending to be a caretaker of the property, Lord grilled the man if he was the one responsible throwing condoms in Moby’s yard.

Lord then kept asking the man which car belonged to him because she wanted to “f***ing destroy” it, according to court documents filed by Moby shortly after the incident.

The houseguest was naturally taken aback by such bizarre behavior, so he told Moby about the stalker outside his home. The “Life Me Up” singer then sent his assistant to find the woman, and there she was – hiding in the bushes.

This time, the stalker told the assistant that she was killing spiders in the bushes. But trespassing and threatening to “destroy” cars weren’t the only reasons Moby filed for a restraining order.

A few days before the December incident, the stalker took mail from his mailbox, which is a federal offense.

But Lord’s extensive list of bizarre trips to Moby’s house doesn’t end just yet, as the stalker is said to have shown up on the property multiple times to meet her idol, but these are the only times when police got involved.

The news of Moby’s stalker allegedly showing up at the electronic musician’s property over the weekend came amid the singer’s revelations that he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement about Twin Peaks reboot, which premiered on Sunday, according to The Ocr.

While Moby stopped short of giving the reason why he had to sign the NDA, it could mean that the singer has some musical or theatrical involvement in the Twin Peaks reboot.

Addressing The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana at an Orange County Register Book Club talk last week, Moby was quick to add that he hasn’t violated the NDA by revealing that such an agreement between him and Twin Peaks even exists.

Moby, who released “Go” in 1991 – the hit song that samples Laura Palmer’s theme song from the original 1990s serial drama – also mentions his Twin Peaks fandom in his new memoir Porcelain: A Memoir.

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