NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Might Trade No. 1 Pick For Chicago Bull’s Jimmy Butler

Despite being in an uphill battle against the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics are still riding high when it comes to their future. Not only are the Celtics the second-best team in the Eastern Conference right now, they are also current owners of the No. 1 pick when draft day rolls around. To add more to the Boston Celtic’s luck, this draft class is considered one of the best in terms of the caliber of talent it has. It seems like the Boston Celtics are destined to have a dynasty once a certain Lebron James’ skill starts waning.

However, the Celtics are not without any problems when it comes to this year’s draft. According to NBA, the projected No. 1 pick for the Boston Celtics is Markelle Fultz of Washington. The explosive point guard is known to be a very capable scorer as well as a good shooter. However, this is where the problem lies as the Boston Celtics already have a superstar point guard in their hands in Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is already an established superstar and an amazing point guard for the Celtics; there is no reason for them to get another point guard who might take minutes away from Isaiah Thomas.

Granted, the Celtics could just move Fultz to the two spot and have him play with Isaiah. However, multiple sources reveal that the Celtics might take another route and just trade their pick for another superstar. One of those sources is saying that the Boston Celtics could be eyeing someone that has been linked to their team for quite some time now – Jimmy Butler.

According to Fansided, one way the Boston Celtics can pull this off is via a three-team trade with the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns. The Celtics will get Jimmy Butler and the Suns No. 4 pick while Phoenix receives Nikola Mirotic, Marcus Smart, and the Celtics No. 1 pick. The Chicago Bulls will get Avery Bradley, Jonas Jerebko, and T.J. Warren. However, the Bulls could just forego Phoenix all together and just deal with the Boston Celtics and get the No. 1 pick. Either way, the possibilities are endless when dealing with the most prized lottery pick in recent memory.

This way, the Chicago Bulls can finally begin their rebuild by letting go of Jimmy Butler. Butler has been mired in trade rumors this season and it could finally put all those to rest. They can also start reviving their franchise with a young and explosive point guard in Markelle Fultz, who can both shoot the ball as well as facilitate. Markelle Fultz could be the start of a new era for the Chicago Bulls.

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, will be getting another superstar that could put them on top of the East. Jimmy Butler will provide another scoring option apart from Isaiah Thomas. Butler will also give the Celtics a defender against the likes of Lebron James, who has been tearing Boston apart with his talents and sheer physicality. Jimmy Buckets has been known as a capable defender against Lebron James and will be valuable for the Boston Celtics if they really want to topple the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Boston Celtics are built to win now. They won’t have enough time to integrate another point guard and experiment spots that they can place him in. Jimmy Butler, on the other hand, is the perfect complement for Boston’s offensive and defensive rotations. It will really be hard for the Celtics to decide on this one. Although past history states that Boston likes to go big when it comes to acquisitions, so Jimmy Butler in a green uniform might just be a huge possibility next season.

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