Abby Lee Miller Slams New ‘Dance Moms’ Coach Cheryl Burke, Tells Her To ‘Watch Her Mouth’

Abby Lee Miller may have been sentenced to a year and a day in jail, but she’s making the media rounds stirring up as much drama as possible. Previously, her lawyers stated that she would need to pay $160,000 to the United States government in fines, and she’s clearly giving interviews to both pay it off and ensure she’s got money in her pocket when she finally exits the clink.

The Dance Moms alum walked off the set of the show in the middle of filming season 7B, writing a caustic Instagram post as she flounced. According to Abby Lee Miller, the production staff was misogynistic, didn’t respect her, kept her fat and made decisions on dances that they had no training or business doing.

The reality star was replaced with Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke, who has taken on the role of head coach. Although there are rumors of a Season 8, it is unclear if Burke will re-emerge as the new Abby Lee Miller. After all, Abby used to tell the girls that everyone was replaceable, so it makes sense she is as well.

Burke took the time to dish on the show after an exhibition performance of Dancing with the Stars, weighing in on some of Abby Lee Miller’s controversial teaching techniques.

“The girls are so precious, and I feel like they are traumatized from what has happened with Abby, and it’s important for me to still be strict and do what I do.

“I expect nothing but the best from the girls, but it’s also important for me to make them feel confident about themselves because they are all beautiful and talented,” she said.

Several of the girls have spoken out about Abby Lee Miller making their dancing environment more stressful than it needed to be. One girl, Paige Hyland, even engaged in a lawsuit with Abby Lee Miller in which she accused her of pinching the girls until they bled and throwing chairs around the room, which made the girls afraid.

However, according to Abby Lee Miller, there is no way the girls were traumatized by her extremely strict teaching strategies.

“I think it’s a joke. In my studio, every single day, I had numerous producers, [choreographer] Gianna [Martello] and some type of child advocate service person who’s the tutor/social worker who is there, who watches… everything that’s said, everything that goes on. So, how could any traumatizing be going on? That’s ridiculous.”

She went on to slam Cheryl Burke, telling her to be careful.

“I think that’s a really rough statement and I would never say that about Cheryl. I think she needs to watch her mouth.”

As stated above, Abby Lee Miller has been on a press circuit, giving interview after interview about her upcoming prison sentence. On The Wendy Williams show, the former reality star hinted that the Dance Moms mothers were actually in on her scheme to bring undeclared money into the United States from Australia, but thus far, no one has commented.

Abby Lee Miller seems to not have much of a relationship with her original students, as she says that none of them have reached out to her since her sentencing. Several of the newer cast members of Dance Moms, however, have reached out to express their sympathies.

Although Abby Lee Miller has admitted she is afraid of prison, she is also going to try to use her time in jail wisely. She says she is going to learn Spanish, get better at accounting and pen a tell-all book to be published when she finally gets out of prison.

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