‘Basketball Wives’ Cristen Metoyer On Sister Aja Metoyer’s Shocking Abortion Claim

Did Cristen Metoyer really lie about suffering a late miscarriage? Did she actually get an abortion instead? Earlier on in the current Basketball Wives season, Cristen, who is in a relationship with retired basketball player Joe Crawford, with whom she has a daughter, emotionally shared that she recently experienced a miscarriage many weeks into her pregnancy. Cristen confessed that the miscarriage was so recent that she was still trying to lose the pregnancy weight that she gained.

Yet a preview that was shown last week for tonight’s episode shows one of Cristen’s older sisters, Aja Metoyer, make the shocking claim that Cristen didn’t have a miscarriage but chose to end the pregnancy with an abortion. Not only did Aja call Cristen a liar, she also criticized her sister for always playing the victim and not taking any personal responsibility for anything. Aja even said that instead of blaming her weight gain on the pregnancy, Cristen should instead just put down the Cheetos.

What does Cristen have to say about Aja’s words? According to Cristen, it’s Aja who’s the liar and the one hating on her. In response to a viewer who brought up what viewers will see in the next episode, Cristen said that “the hate and the lies are real.”

Despite what Aja said about her, Cristen apparently has no hard feelings towards Ajs. When the viewer asked Cristen if she and Aja are cool with one another, Cristen only said that she has no issues with anyone.

Aja doesn’t seem to have any regrets about what she said about her sister. In anticipation of the latest episode, Aja has put up several Instagram posts defending herself and lashing out at her critics. She shared a post from one viewer who said that people shouldn’t criticize Aja for what they see from a short preview as they hardly know the full story. Aja agreed with the viewer, writing that people need to relax and watch the rest of the season before jumping to any conclusions. Perhaps viewers will actually see Aja and Cristen work out their differences and reconcile by the end of the season?

Regarding her comment that Cristen should just put down the Cheetos instead of moaning about her weight, Aja posted a photo of herself right after she gave birth. Aja poked fun at how much weight she herself gained during pregnancy, stating that she looked like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame and that she had cankles. According to Aja, she, unlike Cristen, stopped eating the Cheetos and got dedicated about losing weight.

A preview for the latest Basketball Wives season 6 episode shows stylist Saniy’yah Samaa telling Aja Metoyer about how offended her sister, Cristen Metoyer, was over the makeover that was arranged for her. Saniy’yah, whom Evelyn Lozada brought in to give Cristen a makeover, said that Cristen accused her of judging her over her weight. Aja yelled that Cristen should just stop gorging on junk food instead of moaning about her weight.

“Shut up! If you’re crying about your weight, stop eating Cheetos! Stop crying about being fat because that’s what you like to do, you like to be fat!”

When Saniy’yah then brought up how Cristen cried to Evelyn about her miscarriage, Aja accused Cristen of having had an abortion instead.

“Um, that’s what we call it? Losing babies? Okay, abortion maybe.”

In her confessional interview, Aja said that unlike Cristen, she had a real miscarriage.

“I’ve lost a child. I had a real miscarriage in my life. The thing about that, it’s not something to joke about. Like that’s a serious, serious, serious thing to go through.”

Aja also pointed out that while she and Cristen share the same dad, their moms hate one another so they would, of course, have some sisterly drama between them.

“Yes Cristen is my sister but my mom and Cristen’s mom legit hate each other. You think we’re gonna like each other?”

Will viewers see Cristen Metoyer retaliate against Aja by releasing a shocking claim about her life? After all, Aja’s life seems to provide a lot of juicy gossip. On last week’s Basketball Wives episode, Aja introduced herself as Cristen Metoyer’s older sister. Aja said that she has two children with her high school sweetheart, Damon Wayans Jr, and a toddler with a “well-known player in the league.” Who is this well-known player?

In January 2014, the Los Angeles Times reported that the father of Aja Metoyer’s youngest child, Xavier, is Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade, who got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, about six weeks after the birth of Xavier. During a conference, Dwyane admitted that he was Xavier’s father and clarified that the child was conceived during a “break” of his relationship with Gabrielle. Dwyane said that the child was a “blessing” but pointedly said that he was moving on with his life with Gabrielle, whom he eventually married in September 2015.

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