‘Far Cry 5’ Headed To Rural Montana, Teaser Trailer Points To More Madness For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 received its first teaser trailer Monday. While it dismisses rumors that the franchise is headed to the wild west, it is still going for the rustic setting of Montana. The franchise has always dealt with insane villains, but this time it looks to deal with insanity in a perfectly normal, almost Norman Rockwell-like setting.

The first confirmation that Far Cry 5 was coming sometime in the next year was during Ubisoft’s recent fiscal earnings call. The company announced the return of the game along with sequels for Assassin’s Creed and The Crew, plus a new release window for South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

The full announcement will come with a full reveal trailer scheduled for Friday, May 26. While the Ubisoft did not share any official statements or details, there are plenty to be inferred from the 40-second live-action teaser trailer.

[Image by Ubisoft]

The most obvious is that Far Cry 5 will take place in the fictional and wide open Hope County, Montana. The teaser trailer makes clear the setting will feature mountains, rivers, forests, and large open areas for players to explore as they try to survive and defeat whatever madness is going on.

The trailer opens with a man screaming for his life, possibly pushed off a cliff, and then a lifeless body floating along a river. The idyllic view across a farmland and into distant mountains is interrupted by another man running as if he’s trying to escape something before the screen cuts to black and a gunshot sounds.

The trailer then moves to a sweeping shot of a church with wide open spaces and the church bell ringing. Pay attention to the inside of the bell tower though as you can see a man using another man’s head to ring the bell before the title screen of “Welcome to Hope County, Montana” appears.

The presence of paved roads, propane tanks, modern grain silos, and electrical poles in the Far Cry 5 teaser trailer makes it obvious the rumored wild west setting is not happening. However, it is easy to see why leakers might have been fooled if all they had to go off were images of wilderness and farmland. It is extremely rural and could easily trick anyone who has never ventured much beyond the cities and suburbs.

[Image by Ubisoft]

One other crucial point deals with a banner hanging from the church in the Far Cry 5 teaser trailer. It is not a typical Christian symbol, and it, along with the other madness going on, points to players potentially facing an insane and dangerous cult in the game.

This would not be outside the norm for the Far Cry series as the last game had players helping the Golden Path rebel group overthrow the eccentric and dangerous Pagan Min in a country located in the Himalayan mountains. The game prior to that had players kidnapped by a pirate lord named Vaas and deals with various insanity on Rook Island.

Hope County, Montana, comes across as an extremely normal setting for Far Cry 5. So much so that any of the insanity or madness that is hidden there will be all the more pronounced as players progress.

There is no release date for Far Cry 5 yet. Ubisoft did not share any hints on whether it would arrive this fall or maybe next spring during the publisher’s recent financial earnings call. The only thing for certain is that it will be released by the end of the company’s fiscal year on March 31, 2018. The rest will likely come with the full trailer this Friday.

What do you think of the Far Cry 5 teaser trailer? Sound off in the comments below.

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