‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Charlotte Is Dante’s Child – Chimera Science Explains Everything

General Hospital spoilers say fans have been hoping since Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) came to Port Charles last year that she would be the biological child of Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). Charlotte was DNA tested and found to be a match for Lulu and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), but that might not be the end of the story. GH spoilers now hint Charlotte is Lulu and Dante’s child – and the DNA tests were accurate. But how is that possible?

Chimera Is More Than The Canister

Ever since General Hospital spoilers introduced us to the word “Chimera,” it’s been a head scratcher. Then there was the reveal of the tube stamped with a Chimera that contains a toxin. But there is more to the Chimera storyline than just that deadly poison scheduled to unleash at the Nurses Ball. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tell us that Jake Spencer (Hudson West) cracks under pressure.

Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) brainwashed the child to unleash the Chimera toxin from the tube when activated by his Manchurian candidate activation phrase “little man.” Jake is triggered but doesn’t want to follow orders. Whether Jake goes through with activating the Chimera canister remains to be seen, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps promise Charlotte is in harm’s way.

Charlotte Injured – Dante Paternity Reveal?

A leaked General Hospital spoilers script from a few weeks ago predicts Jake and Charlotte are hospitalized after the Nurses Ball, and that could be when the truth about Charlotte’s complicated paternity comes out. This GH rumor centers on two factors: Helena stealing Lulu’s embryo and Valentin’s very personal relationship with surrogate mom Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson).

General Hospital spoilers tease there is a proven scientific way that Charlotte could be Lulu and Dante’s biological child born from her stolen embryo yet the child could also contain Valentin’s DNA. It could be that the embryo Helena created using Valentin’s sperm (since Stavros was infertile because he was frozen so long) wasn’t viable, so Helena swapped the bad embryo for the good one Lulu had in storage.

Helena Swapped Embryos?

General Hospital history reminds us that Lulu’s embryo was supposedly recovered, checked for viability, and put into safe keeping at an undisclosed story facility. When Lulu and Dante tried to use it, suddenly the embryo wasn’t viable. With all of Helena’s contacts, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to steal Lulu’s good embryo that was Dante and Lulu’s biological product and replace it with the one that failed her.

Valentin knew Helena had Daphne (Andrea Savo) steal his sperm, and when Valentin learned an embryo had been created using his sperm, he stole it. In the interim, Helena could have swapped embroys, but Valentin would not have known he was stealing Lulu and Dante’s future offspring. That would clear up the confusion of why Dante and Lulu’s embryo was suddenly not viable even though it had been tested and proven good before.

But How Did Valentin’s DNA Get Into Charlotte?

Fans know General Hospital loves wacky storylines, and medical chimerism quite easily explains how Charlotte could have DNA of Valentin, Lulu, and Dante but only be the biological child of Lulu and Dante. We know that Claudette was Valentin’s girlfriend and partner in crime even before she served as the embryo surrogate. Before embryo implantation, fertility treatments can increase odds of success.

With Claudette and Valentin in a sexual relationship, he could have fertilized an egg of Claudette’s just as the doctor implanted Lulu and Dante’s embryo in her womb. With two embryos, one can be absorbed by the other, resulting in just one baby being born but containing the DNA of the other embryo that didn’t survive. In most cases of medical chimerism, it is one twin that absorbs the other, but it could happen with two unrelated embryos in the same uterus.

Valentin and Claudette’s embryo could have been absorbed by Dante and Lulu’s resulting in multiple strains of DNA.

General Hospital Sci-fi Or Real Science?

General Hospital spoilers have shown us over and over that the ABC soap likes to tinker with science and make it silly, including freezing and unfreezing people and microchipping their brains for mind control – plus the whole resurrection from the dead phenomena in Port Charles. However, medical chimerism is actual science and not the science fiction we usually see on GH.

A Jezebel article outlined the first known case of a human chimera back in 1953. A woman’s blood was tested and found to contain two blood types (and thus two distinct types of DNA). She had a twin that had died, and both that child’s DNA and hers were in her body. The Lulu-Dante embryo could have absorbed a Valentin-Claudette embryo, and no one knew and the right tests have not been run yet.

GH Writers Love Plots That Have Tentacles

It could easily be coming up on General Hospital that Charlotte has Valentin’s DNA from a medical mishap. Embryos that share the same blood supply in the uterus can pass stem cells back and forth creating a “human chimera” which is a relatively common occurrence when there are two (or more) babies in the womb. Plus, Dante was never tested against Charlotte for a DNA match – only Lulu and Valentin.

With General Hospital spoilers promising Charlotte’s life at risk, this could be the perfect time to test loved ones and family as possible blood donors. A donor match investigation could reveal Dante is a genetic match, thus triggering an investigation into Charlotte’s biological parents and her reveal as a medical chimera. GH writers love to compose convoluted stories, but this one would be a welcome twist.

Many GH fans that would cheer if Dante and Lulu turned out to be Charlotte’s biological parents. We’ll find out more soon, according to these General Hospital spoilers.

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