‘Clash Of Clans’ May Update Is Finally Here: Fans Disappointed?

The much-awaited, highly-anticipated, biggest update ever in Clash of Clans history is finally released. Now, players find out about the new Builder Base, the one that’s beyond the shore. Is the game able to live up to the hype or has disappointed fans?

What comes with the update

What’s on the other side of the sea is a new realm called Builder Base, which is run by the Master Builder. This Clash of Clans master builder has developed advanced technologies. If you’ve reached Town Hall 4 level in your village, you will be able to repair the boat and set sail to this new land and enjoy the new features.

The Clash of Clans May update brings some twists on buildings you can also find in your home village, per Supercell’s detailed notes on its website. For instance, the Archer’s Tower has a switch toggles between fast attack and long range while troops will have a difficult time dodging the Multi Mortar’s multi-barreled attack. There are also new buildings in the new land, which include Crusher, a new defense that can crush enemies; Push Trap, which allows that player to toss troops in a direction that he wants to scatter attacking enemies; Gem Mine, where players can collect gems over time; and Clock Tower, which can boost the speed of everything in this land. The gems the players collected can be brought to the home village, but gold and elixir could not be used elsewhere.

Aside from the gems the CoC player can bring back to his home village, the update introduces a “Gear Up” option for the Cannon at its high level. This will enable the Cannon to have the same abilities of the Double Cannon at the Builder Base.

Moreover, Clash of Clans players can find crystallized elixir at the Builder Base, which gives upgraded troops special abilities. The “Cloak” makes the archer invisible to enemy defenses for a limited time and the “Power Punch” makes the giant’s first attack do substantial damage.

The update introduces new troops and new battle mode in Clash of Clans. The new troops are trained using the Master Builder’s new resource: the Bomber can toss big bombs that can blow up several buildings in one shot, while the Cannon Cart takes the front battle line. The new battle mode is called Versus Battle, which means a head-to-head fight with the opponent. It looks similar to Clan Wars where both teams attack each other.

While Supercell previously noted there won’t be a new hero, the Clash of Clans update today listed a new hero in the details. However, this time, the Master Builder is the hero himself. He will join the battle when Builder Hall 5 has been unlocked, and he will fight using one of his inventions, a Battle Machine. The machine has an “Electric Hammer” feature, which can be unlocked at level 5.

Finally, the game mechanics are also different in this Clash of Clans realm. Troops train automatically and in groups. Each Army Camp can train only one group of troops at a time, so it is recommended to build several camps to diversify the troops.

The fans’ reaction

There had been so much hype about the Clash of Clans update, which made some wonder if it could live to it. The reactions of fans over the social media are mixed. Some love the update for bringing something new and cool stuff. Facebook commenters are not happy about it, particularly about basically building another base from the ground up.


Over Twitter, players are asking about removing the daily loot limit in the new land, saying that it’s a fun killer and makes it longer to upgrade the cannon to higher levels.

Meanwhile, others have been excited, and those who have quit playing Clash of Clans are returning to check it out.

What do you think about this Clash of Clans update? Share your thoughts below!

[Featured Image by Supercell]

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