‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Rumor: Captain Phasma And Finn In A ‘Lion King’-Type Battle

Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi will pave the way for some major confrontations, including one between Finn (John Boyega) and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie).

New details provided by Star Wars watcher and YouTuber Mike Zeroh suggest that they will engage in an epic showdown in Star Wars: Episode 8 as the First Order commander punishes Finn for his betrayal.

According to Zeroh, Boyega and Christie shot a fight scene for Star Wars: Episode 8 at one of the hangars at Pinewood Studios in United Kingdom, one of the movie’s major filming locations.

A glimpse of the fight was shown in the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8, specifically the scene where Captain Phasma leads a group of Elite troopers into a burning battlefield as they come after Finn and a group of Resistance members.

Zeroh says that their The Last Jedi fight will almost remind fans of the final Lion King battle as the element of fire was deliberately integrated in it to illustrate the danger and the overwhelming chaos of the clash.

During the battle, Captain Phasma does not have her helmet on. This means that at long last, Christie’s face will finally be shown in Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi.

The character, although heavily advertised before The Force Awakens, did not get a lot of screen time in the film. However, this will change in Star Wars: Episode 8 if the report is to be believed.

Gwendoline Christie at the World Premiere of ‘Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens.’ [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Her not donning the helmet appears to be a nod to her stance in Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens. Fans will remember how she reprimanded Finn, then known as FN-2187, for taking off his helmet. Stormtroopers like him are not supposed to do that.

There is also the possibility that the intensity of the fight leads to Captain Phasma losing her helmet or that Finn does or says something that pushes her to ditch it in Star Wars: Episode 8.

Captain Phasma will also make use of a spear during the battle. This is a brand new weapon that fans have not seen before. It is an interesting weapon of choice for a Stormtrooper commander as they are always seen using blasters.

However, it could be different for someone of a higher position like Captain Phasma, but it could also simply be a weapon that she is good at using. Either way, Finn will not come unprepared in this epic Star Wars: Episode 8 showdown.

Zeroh says that he will make use of gadgets provided by the mysterious character played by Benicio Del Toro, who is believed to be a techie and someone who will be of help to the Resistance.

Captain Phasma will reportedly be tasked to “retrieve the traitor” in Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi. Whether she intends to bring Finn to his Stormtrooper self back or eliminate him altogether remains to be seen.

A still from ‘Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens’ showing FN-2187 about to leave his Stormtrooper life behind. [Image by Disney/Lucasfilm]

As revealed on the official Star Wars website, Captain Phasma idolizes the Empire the same way Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) venerates Darth Vader, but she was always focused on improving and training the army of troopers that she leads.

“Phasma has high ambitions in other areas, as well. Darth Vader’s bickering advisors wouldn’t have fared well under her rule. Although she supports the First Order’s blind bid to bring back the Empire, she’s also thankful not to have any politicians giving input on how she should raise her troopers. She wants to eliminate infighting while focusing on making her army the best that it can be.”

Finn’s betrayal resonated well with her, especially since she considered FN-2187 as one of her best soldiers. It is unclear what she has in mind for him in Star Wars: Episode 8.

Her determination to build a strong army might lead to her getting Finn back and finding a way to turn him back to their side so as not to waste his potential since she would want to do her best to make sure the First Order militia is in top form.

Captain Phasma might also end up killing him instead so as to not risk another betrayal and to prevent another compromise. After all, not only did Finn turn against them in Star Wars: Episode 7, he also insulted her authority when he forced her to deactivate the shields of the Starkiller Base by putting her at gunpoint.

Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi will hit the cinemas December 15.

[Featured Image by Disney/Lucasfilm]

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