Cher In A Thong And Bodysuit At 71 Years Of Age: ‘I Can Do A 5-Minute Plank, Okay?’ [Video]

Cher made quite an impression as she received the Billboard Icon Award from Gwen Stefani at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 21. As seen in the below video, Cher noted that she had just turned 71 years of age the previous day, on May 20. Cher also made the crowd laugh and clap as she bragged that she could do a five-minute-long plank. Those who’ve done the strength-building exercise, which can kind of resemble a push-up in the “up” position, know that a plank held for five minutes takes strength and endurance.

After a rundown of Cher’s accomplishments, which featured highlights from her music and film career, as well as her days with ex-husband Sonny Bono in their TV variety show, Cher surprised Gwen when she showed up right next to her onstage to receive her award. Twitter lit up with news that Cher could still move great and look great in the iconic sheer bodysuit of old. Several of the comments that flowed into social media about Cher, some of which can be read below, featured folks who noted that the singer was in better shape as a 71-year-old than others decades younger than her.

Cher has been known for wearing iconic and breathtaking outfits to red carpet events and in her videos.

As seen below, Cher celebrated her Oscar win while wearing a Bob Mackie black sequined gown. Cher won the Academy Awards for Best Actress for her portrayal of a superstitious young widow in Moonstruck. The photo from the 60th Annual Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles on April 12, 1988.

However, it was Cher’s appearance as a 71-year-old on Sunday night that has the online world still buzzing about the singer on Monday morning.

Cher in 1988. [Image by Lennox McLendon/AP Images]

However, not everyone was a fan of Cher’s outfits on Sunday night. As reported by the Sun, Piers Morgan criticized Cher for one of her revealing ensembles, which featured flesh-colored lining and made it appear as if Cher was wearing only a pasty over one breast. Piers claimed that as a 71-year-old, Cher shouldn’t be wearing such revealing gear.

However, others disagreed with Morgan, as witnessed by the tweets published to Twitter regarding how fit Cher appeared as a 71-year-old. Some of those social media users chalked up Piers’ criticism of Cher to jealousy.

A sampling of comments being published about Cher to social media can be read below.

“This girl still has it…Can you see freedom in her 70s!”

“He’s just jealous rocks it better than he ever could.”

“Best performance bar none at last night was the iconic ! She looks and sounds fabulous!”

“When I see Cher, I still see Sonny.”

“Cher has some good a** genes.”

“LOL yes, in fact I’m wearing the same outfit Cher wore. The silver chain-looking one.”

“Damn Cher is looking amazing.”

“And like Cher, I love men. I just don’t NEED one to live. A man is a bonus, not a necessity.”

“Cher was amazing at last night’s . My take away? She can hold a 5-minute plank. Now that’s .”

“A iconic fighter against AGEISM.

“Cher and Sonny rocked it back in the day. Loved watching their TV Show. Cher is awesome.”

Despite all the positive comments about Cher, there are those comments like the ones below criticizing Cher.

“Cher is not relevant. She has not had a Top 50 single since early 1999 or a Gold LP since 2002. Her last tour couldn’t even go beyond NA.”

“When I saw Cher’s outfit on TV this morning. I thought to myself, ‘Why is a 100 year old woman wearing that…?'”

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

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