AJ Styles Reveals That Selflessness Earned Vince McMahon’s Trust In Him

Years ago, AJ Styles wrestling inside a WWE ring was just a fantasy. His talent and importance in wrestling were undeniable, but he seemed to be destined for great things outside WWE. Styles has had a phenomenal run with the company thus far. He made a believer out of Vince McMahon, who was apparently not AJ’s biggest supporter when he first signed with WWE. During an interview with Inside the Ropes, The Phenomenal One revealed how he changed Vince’s mind, and earned his trust through being as selfless as possible in WWE.

“I think once you have proven yourself to Vince McMahon that you’re not some guy that only cares about himself and only wants to get himself over at the expense of stabbing someone in the back. This isn’t about me, this is about us. Let’s find a way to make WWE bigger, better and more popular and more exciting.

“When he sees that in someone, when he sees that passion in someone, every day you get a little bit more trust with Vince McMahon and I want that. He’s my boss and I can go in there anytime and talk to him if I need be. There is a relationship there that I enjoy and I want to get stronger. Day in and day out, I want to prove to him that I care about us, rather than me. And I think he appreciates that.”

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After making it to WWE after 15 years outside of the company, most fans were curious how he would be booked by WWE officials. Not only that, but how Styles would get along or clash with the powers that be. AJ working with Triple H or Vince McMahon backstage was just as interesting to the WWE Universe as who he could potentially work with inside the ring on WWE television. Now, the fans have seen both things happen.

The WWE Universe was concerned about how AJ Styles would be booked, especially after taking some huge losses early during his run against Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Roman Reigns. However, WWE officials realized Styles’ potential as a main event player, and he found a niche as one of the top overall performers for the company. Since the brand extension, he’s embraced a role as one of SmackDown’s top wrestlers as well.

Based on what AJ Styles said in the interview, he proved himself to Vince McMahon by not being arrogant and coming to WWE after 15 years of wrestling only to act like he’s the best wrestler in the world. That could very well be true, but AJ has always been a company man. He was loyal to a fault in TNA, New Japan, and now to WWE. It’s not just his talent inside the ring that makes him The Phenomenal One.

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AJ Styles has the right attitude and the selflessness to succeed anywhere he goes, which makes him easy to work with in most situations. Along with his experience and talent, it’s clear to see why he’s been successful everywhere he has been, including WWE. In less than a year, Styles went from stealing the show at Wrestle Kingdom, to WWE and became the WWE Champion roughly nine months later. It was a great year for him.

Going forward, AJ Styles continues to prove himself to WWE officials, the WWE fans, and Vince McMahon, as one of the best overall performers in the company. He’s been selfless and has shown an openness about working with anyone. For instance, he wrestled Shane McMahon at WrestleMania in a great match when a lot of people were complaining about him being undervalued by the company. AJ understands that success in WWE is about capitalizing on the opportunities you’re given, and not wasting the big changes in the ring.

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