‘Clash Of Clans’ Massive Boat Update Might Finally Land On May 23-25

The Clash of Clans May 2017 update is arguably the most substantial patch that the veteran mobile game would receive in a long time. Fortunately, all the long months of waiting, speculating, and data mining that the mobile title’s fans have done appears to be on the verge of paying off, as Supercell is finally gearing up to release the game’s boat update, which would likely introduce water-based battles and multiple villages to the widely popular game.

The contents of the May 2017 update have been all but released, considering that amount of promo material that Supercell has released about the patch. The update would definitely include the inclusion of ships to the mobile title’s gameplay, as well as the capability of players to transport units from one village to another. What has remained elusive so far, however, is the highly anticipated patch’s release date.

Supercell had all but confirmed that the popular mobile game would receive an update sometime this May. As for the actual date, however, the developer has opted to remain mum. Previous speculations pointed to a possible May 21 release date for the highly anticipated update. However, Supercell staff member Lach has stated that the update would not be landing on the date itself, according to CoC-themed website AllClash. What the developer has reiterated, however, is that the patch would be released really soon, as shown by Lach’s response to gamers’ inquiries.

“The update is SUPER soon. Once I can nail down the date for you guys, I will. I will be updating the radar daily (hopefully, today was the last edit).”

Lach updated the post on May 21, and during that time, the Update Radar on the Supercell forums simply stated “Not Today.” With this in mind, it appears that the highly anticipated update would be rolled out sometime around May 23-25. Speculations about when the boat update would really roll out are numerous at this point, though predictions state that the update would likely be released on May 23 or 24.

Sneak peaks for the update are usually rolled out by Supercell in the days leading up to the actual release of the patch. Since these sneak peaks have not been released yet, it appears safe to assume that the developer would at least need around two days to test out the update before fully releasing it.

The actual Clash of Clans May 2017 update would most likely come in the form of a major Maintenance Break for the game. During the TH11 update, the developer took more than four hours to roll out the patch fully. Considering the size of the May 2017 patch, however, there is a good chance that Supercell would be taking far longer than it did when the TH11 or the Clan War update was rolled out. Thus, fans of the popular mobile game would be wise to expect more than four hours of waiting before their devices receive all the necessary files for the major May 2017 patch.

Clash of Clans has always been one of the most stable and consistent games in the mobile market, with millions of paid and free players accessing the mobile title on an everyday basis. Since its debut back in 2012, the game has maintained its quality through Supercell’s constant update cycles and its open communication with gamers. Balancing changes, as well as the addition of new units from time to time, have made the mobile game constantly fresh for new and long-time players alike.

With the boat update speculated to be released within the next few days, it seems that Supercell is pushing Clash of Clans to the top of the mobile gaming market once more. All dedicated CoC players would need to do now is to exercise some much-needed patience.


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