’12 Monkeys’ Star Amanda Schull Teases Cassie’s Journey, As Series Boss Reveals Return [Spoilers]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of 12 Monkeys.

12 Monkeys returned with a bang, as Syfy spent this weekend airing the entire third season for those fans who prefer to binge watch their shows. As Season 3 opened, Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) was all but forgotten, as James Cole (Aaron Stanford) told a younger James Cole that he was better served in saving wacky Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) from the past. Schull reveals what this abandonment means for her 12 Monkeys character and how Cassie’s pregnancy plays a part in the future of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

Amanda Schull Becomes The Mother Of The Army Of The 12 Monkeys

As it turns out, Schull’s character plays an essential role in bringing this deadly terrorist organization into being and, as the actress tells Gizmodo, this leaves Dr. Railly lower than she has ever been. Amanda points out that, as Season 3 of 12 Monkeys starts, Cassandra is trapped and held prisoner by the Army of the 12 Monkeys, far removed from anyone who she cares about. If that’s not bad enough, the 12 Monkeys actress reveals that her character is carrying the future prophet of that very same group.

“I think season three finds Cassie the most at odds with herself. Of all the scenarios and times she has lived, the most terrifying is the one in which she is the mother of the Witness,” says the 12 Monkeys actress.

’12 Monkeys star Amanda Schull dishes on her portrayal of Cassandra Railly in season 3. [Image by Syfy]

The theme for this installment of 12 Monkeys is family and that encompasses all of Cassandra’s thoughts, as the character contemplates the future. Schull says she has come to accept that the new people in her life have become a surrogate family and she prepares herself to do whatever she can to protect them.

Conversely, Amanda says her 12 Monkeys character’s thoughts about her unborn baby are anything but familial.

“She worries the soul of her own flesh and blood is destined to be evil,” says 12 Monkeys‘ Amanda Schull. “She is terrified that she created the most evil creature known to man.”

Terry Matalas Spills A Major 12 Monkeys Character’s Return

’12 Monkeys’ boss Terry Matalas teases the return of a major character. [Image by Syfy]

Speaking with TV Line, 12 Monkeys showrunner Terry Matalas revealed that one character previously thought dead will be returning for Season 3 and that might not sit well with some fans. The character in question is Deacon (Todd Stashwick) and he wasn’t always the greatest of guys, before his presumed demise.

As Season 2 of 12 Monkeys closed, viewers were left believing Deacon had sacrificed himself to save the day. Now, Terry confirms that killing off the character was never the plan and the crew went into the 12 Monkeys Season 2 finale knowing full well that Deacon would return in Season 3.

The first time we see Deacon is in the bunker in which Cassandra Railly is being held, which Matalas feels is exciting for a number of reasons. Primarily, the 12 Monkeys showrunner points out that it’s Cassie and her influence that has made Deacon a better man.

“He does have some noble [in him],” the 12 Monkeys boss says of Deacon. “He’s also driven by how he feels for Cassie.”

Even though Deacon is trying to be better for Cassie and Jennifer Goines, to a lesser extent, there’s still some internal conflict that Stashwick’s 12 Monkeys character is going to have to face. He’s not quite sure where he fits into the events unfolding in Season 3, so that will ultimately bring Deacon’s motives into question once again.

When asked if any other characters would be making a return from death, the 12 Monkeys showrunner seemed to know just where that question was leading.

“Ramse’s dead,” Matalas deadpanned.

Syfy finished airing the remainder of the Season 3 episodes of 12 Monkeys tonight.

[Featured Image by Syfy]

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