‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 92 Preview Breakdown: U6 SSJs, Krillin’s Walkout, And Awesome U3 Robot Fighters

Dragon Ball Super is steadily building up to the Tournament of Power, and with just hours to go before the grand battle royale begins, it appears that things might start getting rocky for Universe 7. As shown in the preview for DBS Episode 92, Buu’s inability to participate in the Tournament of Power has affected the U7 team deeply, as Krillin and his wife, No. 18, appear to be withdrawing from the competition as well. Fortunately for Universe 6, however, Cabba’s efforts to recruit Saiyans seems to be going perfectly well.

Warning: Spoilers below!

The DBS Episode 92 preview revealed a number of very interesting scenes. The past episode has covered the recruitment efforts of the other universes, and it introduced some of the possible key fighters in the multiverse battle royale as well. In the brief teaser for Ep 92, the fighters for Universe 3 are set to be featured, as Ea, Universe 3’s Kaioshin, was shown seemingly working on their team’s representative fighters.

Considering that Universe 3 is a technologically advanced universe, the representative fighters featured in the Dragon Ball Super Ep 92 preview appear to be robots. So far, the short scene featuring the U3 fighters has been received warmly by the DBS community in online forums such as Reddit, with many expressing their excitement at the idea of highly-advanced robots fighting against the best that the DB Multiverse could offer. After all, machines have been among the most formidable foes ever faced by the Z-fighters, in the form of Cell and the Androids. Thus, it would be interesting how U3’s fighters could stack up to the iconic villains.

Another notable scene in the DBS Episode 92 preview featured Cabba of Universe 6 training Caulifla in the art of being a Super Saiyan. Interestingly, Kale, who was teased in the Universe Survival Arc previews to be the Legendary Super Saiyan, was shown to be hiding behind a rock, spying on Cabba and Caulifla. With this in mind, it appears that not even Cabba would be aware of Kale’s potential, much less the blood of an LSSJ coursing through her veins.

Since Cabba seems to be focusing his training on the more assertive Caulifla, his attention to Kale appears to be split at best. This particular setup would only make Kale’s transformation into a Legendary Super Saiyan even more impactful, especially since her form would be far more daunting than the SSJ form that Cabba and Caulifla would have.

The final part of the Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 preview featured Universe 7’s fighters, with Krillin and Goku seemingly having a serious conversation. From what could be determined in the brief scene, the stocky veteran appears to be having second thoughts about participating in the Tournament of Power. Unfortunately for the team, however, if Krillin goes, so does his wife, the far more powerful No. 18. In the brief scene that was revealed in the teaser, it appears that Krillin’s hesitation to participate would be taken quite seriously by Goku, who would do everything he can in order to ensure that the U7 team is ready to compete by the time the Tournament of Power begins.

These last-minute twists to Universe 7’s fighters have been widely discussed by viewers and avid fans of the franchise for the last few weeks. As revealed by episode summaries, Goku would attempt to replace Buu with Frieza as the final member of the Universe 7 team. Unsurprisingly, this has been met with polarizing reactions from longtime fans of the franchise, especially since Frieza is one of the most nefarious characters in the anime and Buu has been featured as a U7 fighter since the first promo materials for the saga were released. If the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 is any indication, it appears that the next episode would definitely begin answering this all-important question.


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