Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Photobomb Prom Pictures in Vancouver

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a knack for photobombing and this time a group of high school students at prom were the lucky recipients. They were surprised and excited to see the Prime Minister of their country going for a casual jog, looking like an average guy.

The Prime Minister’s official photographer, Adam Scotti, first tweeted out a photo of Justin Trudeau as he jogged past a group of teens dressed in prom dresses and formal tuxedos. In Scotti’s photo, it looks like Trudeau is just jogging by, unnoticed by the teenagers.

In fact, the teenagers were quite excited to take advantage of the opportunity to get a group photo with their Prime Minister. They gathered around while he posed in the middle with a big smile, happy to meet some of the Canadian voters of the next election.

According to CBC, when the students saw the Prime Minister jogging by their photo shoot, they were quite excited. “We were stoked,” said one student, Constantine Maragos. They didn’t notice him at first, said Maragos, but when they did see him they called to him and he came over right away.

The photo was posted to Instagram by one of the young people in the photo.

This isn’t the first time that Justin Trudeau has been caught photobombing people’s pictures. As the Huffington Post reported last summer, the Prime Minister was caught photobombing a wedding photo in Tofino, B.C. at a wedding. He was standing behind the main objects of the picture with his wetsuit pulled down to the waist and holding a surfboard. The image was widely shared on social media.

Global News reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been promoting the Canada Child Benefit at a recreation center in Surrey, B.C. He took the time to play with the children using a rainbow parachute and meet with the parents in the community.

Later that day he visited Abbotsford’s Gur Sikh Temple and met supporters at a Filipino restaurant in Surrey.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been busy this past week as he has stopped at various places throughout Western Canada, reports the Edmonton Journal. While in Edmonton, Trudeau spent time at the Telus World of Science. Again, he played with the children. They did science experiments.

Trudeau said the following.

“I’m a bit of a nerd so this is a great way for me to spend a Saturday morning.”

Trudeau also took the time to speak with parents about the Canada Child Benefit. Justin Trudeau said that the Canada Child Benefit is focused on making sure that the people who need help the most can benefit from it the most.

It wasn’t all playtime during Trudeau’s time in Western Canada though. In fact, while he was inside playing with the kids at the Telus World of Science, protesters stood outside waiting to get his attention. Their main concern was the decision of the federal government to relocate an immigration case processing center that is currently in Vegreville to Edmonton. They want the government to reconsider.

Carm Chan, one of the protesters who lives in Vegreville and was once an employee at the center said that it was about protecting jobs. The center has about 236 employees, about 75 percent women, who would mostly be offered jobs at the new center. However, as Chan said, that is 100 km away and for the women who work there now, making that long travel distance for a job is just not feasible when daycare and gas are considered.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows up in photobombed pictures or casual photos does it convince you that he’s just a guy that wants to make his country better?

[Featured Image by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images]

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