Elle Fanning Spills On The One Item Of Clothing She Takes Everywhere With Her

Elle Fanning may be a famous movie star, but that doesn’t stop her older sister (equally famous, Dakota Fanning) from roasting her about the item of clothing she can’t live without. The Hollywood star may be known for her glam outfits and making waves at fashion events, but she revealed that she actually has an old pair of tatty pajamas that she takes everywhere with her–and they even made their way to Cannes for her glamorous premieres.

“I have these pajamas that my sister [Dakota Fanning] completely makes fun of. She was like, ‘We are going to burn these’ because I’ve worn them since I was little.”

Elle Fanning then revealed during an interview at Cannes what the pajamas are.

“They’re oversized Dr. Suess boxers and this Gap red shirt — I think it was for a charity my sister had done with Bono. I cut the whole neck out and made it bigger….It was my designer phase of wanting to cut my clothes and make them unique. They go with me everywhere—those pajamas are staying with me for my entire life…or until they disintegrate.”

The star also revealed during the same interview that her beauty must-haves are lip balm and mascara, though it’s probably pretty easy to look good in such little make-up when you’re as fresh-faced as Elle Fanning.

“For me, I always have to keep a good lip balm or mascara in my purse. Mascara is very important to me. I feel like my eyelashes can be a little rebellious. They kind of stick straight out and go kind of wonky, so I have to curl them, put mascara on and get them under control to make my eyes open up,” she said.

The star has been making the rounds with several new films she has starred in. Next month, she will premiere the remake of the ’70s thriller The Beguiled, which originally starred Clint Eastwood. This time, the gorgeous remake, directed by Sophia Coppola, will include soft pastel colors, and of course Elle Fanning along with Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman. Elle Fanning plays a mischievous young woman who has her sexual, and competitive, desires awaken for the first time by a wounded Union Soldier who finds his way to an all girls school in the Civil War South.

Aside from The Beguiled, Elle Fanning has been walking the red carpet at Cannes for her new film, How to Talk to Girls at Parties. The star has been seen in several gorgeous fashions, from a mint green Gucci dress to a cool Prada. She has finished off her look with Tiffany jewels, of course, because diamonds are well known to be a girl’s best friend.

The star took the time to pose with The Beguiled co-star Nicole Kidman on the red carpet as the pair reunited for a brief moment.

Elle Fanning revealed to People Online that she’s having the time of her life at this year’s festival. Last year, the star wasn’t there for the full show, and thus felt a little left out. But she’s managed to squeeze in the full lot this year.

“It almost feels like a first Cannes again ’cause last year I came kind of towards the end of the festival, and this year I was here for opening night. It is even more energy than last year,” she said.

In addition to looking glam and gorgeous on the red carpet, Elle Fanning has been seen enjoying some time on French Riviera, soaking up quality beach time. She has also been making appearances and doing a fair few interviews to round out her time.

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