Kat Von D Stalker Hit With Restraining Order

Reality TV star and former Jesse James fiance Kat Von D has been forced to file a restraining order against a crazed stalker. According to Kat, the stalker left creepy messages for her on the internet and showed up at her Los Angeles home.

The stay-away order was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and names Michael Nunn as its recipient.

Kat Von D notes that Nunn went so far as to post her home phone number on the web while relentlessly attacking her on Twitter.

In the restraining order, the tattoo artist says Nunn has been harassing her for the last seven months, starting in April when Nunn showed up at her house and called her personal phone. In June, Michael Nunn showed up at a public event.

Kat Von D calls Nunn a man exhibiting “delusional and paranoid tendencies, including the belief that the FBI is watching him.”

Nunn, who is now under order of a temporary restraining order, must stay 100 yards away from Kat Von D at all time, and he must cease all contact or mentions of Von D via the internet.

Michael Nunn has been ordered back to court later in the month where a more permanent restraining order could be put into place.

Kat Von D is no stranger herself to attacking people on Twitter. After her recent split from DeadMau5, she took to the social network to spill the beans on their entire short lived relationship. At least in Kat Von D’s case, she didn’t start showing up at DeadMau5 events out of the blue.

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