Pamela Anderson Walks The Red Carpet In Cannes Looking Unrecognizable

Pamela Anderson is well known for her role as CJ on Baywatch, and for being an all around hottie. However, recently she walked the red carpet on Cannes looking totally unrecognizable, and fans are speculating as to why she looks nothing like her old self.

The 49-year-old ’90s star bears little resemblance to herself during her heyday. And some are speculating that the star has had plastic surgery. It appears that the PETA advocate may have had some cheek fillers to boost her face, but has made her look totally unlike herself. It is also possible that the actress, who says she became one on a fluke, has had a face lift, which makes the fillers even more prominent than they were originally.

Pamela Anderson debuted her new look at the Cannes Film Festival, where she attended the premiere of 120 Beats Per Minute.The star wore a long, blue, ’80s dress and slicked back her signature blonde locks to keep them out of her (totally different) face.

The star also recently did an interview where she declared herself an “anti-feminist.” She says that after her two children were born, she stopped working, which is the way things should be.

“Men get weaker in an authoritarian environment; they don’t need to be as manly. And women are working… who’s watching the kids? I may get some heat for this, but I consider myself an ‘anti-feminist,'” she said.

She expressed concern over the fact that people are becoming far “too androgynous” and is worried that the world will forget how to “make love” if people begin to forget the “specific roles” men and women are supposed to play within their gender roles.

Although she is against feminism, she is a vegan and fiercely advocates for the love of and better treatment of animals. As an anti-intersectional vegan, one of her biggest goals is to ensure that animals are taken care of and that people stop wearing fur. Her Instagram profile, which links to the Pamela Anderson Foundation, also advocates that people hang up their fur for good and wear something a little more kind.

Pamela Anderson is also rumored to be dating Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange, and posted to her Instagram that she was happy when the rape charges were dropped, but that she was still angry about it.

“A victory – yes but still angry.

Julian Assange detained without charge for 7 years while missing his children grow.

“I hope people have some remorse about unfounded judgements towards a good man, father, and friend of the truth,” she wrote on her social media.

It is unclear whether or not Pamela Anderson is dating Assange or not, but she wrote on a March blog post that he is “the most intelligent, interesting and informed man in existence. Yes – I think he’s quite sexy.”

Both have been playing coy about their romance, and Pamela Anderson alluded to the fact that they might strike up a romance when he’s out of prison.

“Let’s see what happens when he’s free. But you know I spend probably more time with him than any other man socially, which is very odd,” she said.

She has also rallied the Australian government to help protect Assange, saying that she is tired of the island nation “kissing America’s a**” and it was time that the country allowed him some protection.

“I adore Julian,” she said. “He’s a great man and it would be a dream to have him reunited with his young family in France.”

Perhaps Pamela Anderson has had some plastic surgery in order to rejuvenate herself so that she and Assange can start up a new romance?

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