Britney Spears Shares Hilarious Videos Of Her Sons Scaring Her

Britney Spears may be a world famous pop star, but that doesn’t mean she’s above being scared half to death by her kids. Last September, Spears’ two sons, Preston and Jayden whipped out their mom’s phone to record them jumping out at her. The mega popstar got so scared that she fell to the floor, but ended up laughing about it later, and even posted it to her Instagram account to laugh at herself.

But now the boys are at it again, with two new videos of them sneaking up on their poor unsuspecting mom. In both videos, Britney Spears is in the kitchen chopping up food or possibly making dinner when her boys jump out of nowhere to give their mom the fright of her life. She screams in both videos, shouting their names and the entire family has a good laugh. After all Britney has been through in her life, it is refreshing to see the pop star let loose and have fun with her kids–and give a glimpse of a normal family life.

Recently, the singer has been said to have “broken Instagram” with a shot of her in a tiny black dress that she uploaded to the social media site. 20 years after making her first debut, the singer is still slaying as hard as ever. While she may have had a little bit of a stumble getting back to her former glory, the mom of two is now sexier and better than ever before.

Britney Spears, who is appearing in Britney: Piece of Me has been credited for bringing legitimacy back to long-running Vegas shows. According to media outlets, participating in a long-running Vegas show used to mean that you were totally washed up and ready to move on. However, Britney Spears has made it pretty legitimate.

She will be quitting her performance in December, and presumably will be embarking on a world tour, something that no one would have ever expected to see Britney Spears do just a few years ago. Spears was likely considered washed up then, but now she has breathed new life into her career and paved the way for other artists to rejuvenate their career in the exact same way.

As of February this year, the show has grossed $100 million, which means that the show is, in no uncertain terms, a total hit. And while she finishes out the show, she will continue to live with Preston and Jayden while they scare the living daylights out of her in their Las Vegas home.

But not only has Britney made a comeback and made Las Vegas a legitimate place for performers to restart their career, but she has also made long-running Vegas shows for entertainers the real deal.

According to Jason Gastwirth, senior vice president of marketing and entertainment at Caesars Entertainment, Britney Spears was brought in on purpose to help the Vegas show gain legitimacy.

“Britney was on our radar for some time as a perfect artist to shift the paradigm for Las Vegas residencies to a new generation given her wide and devoted fanbase, music catalogue spanning over 15 years and ability to put on an incredible show. We engaged with her team early on to develop the vision of this concept to be prepared when she was ready to pursue it. Once the timing was right, we all worked swiftly to get ready for what ended up being one of the most important milestones in music history.”

If Britney does go on a world tour, who is going to scare her on camera now and share it on social media?

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