‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: New Love Triangle For Sharon, Scott and Abby? Not Yet Anyway…

Sharon (Sharon Case) finally has her man and they are slowly and steadily carving out their future together, after all the heartache and loss she has had in the past. Nothing could stand in their way, could it? Well, The Young and The Restless spoilers indicate that there could be trouble in the future for Sharon and Scott (Daniel Hall) in the form of Abby (Melissa Ordway).

The Young and The Restless spoilers seem to suggest that Scott’s assignment could lead to some romance with Abby. But isn’t he happily in love? Most definitely, he only has eyes for Sharon, for now that is. At the present time, the spoilers indicate that he won’t cheat on Sharon or betray her trust, but could there be a storyline in the future where this could happen?

Victor (Eric Braeden) has commissioned Scott to write his biography as a way of paying him back after Victor paid the $10 million ransom for Scott’s release. The Young and The Restless fans will remember that Scott was being held hostage by insane people on the other side of the world where the way of life was still archaic and medieval. Scott was only too glad that he escaped the clutches of the mad men and that Victor was able to help him. The mad men who had taken him weren’t doing it in the interests of justice either, but rather that all is fair as long as they get what they want no matter the price. Scott had sacrificed so much of himself as an undercover United States agent, that his actions are nothing short of heroic and courageous.

Scott opened up to Sharon about his past and told her his true history. He was showing a vulnerable side to himself because he honestly has come to care a lot about Sharon. The authenticity is perhaps a balm to Sharon’s spirit because the men in her life have often been duplicitous in nature. The Young and The Restless writers have paid special attention after the disappointment that Sharon suffered after the Christian (Jude and Ozzy McGuigen) saga played out. Scott seems to be everything in a man that Sharon wants and they truly seem to be at the beginning of something special.

In the meantime, Abby has realized that her feelings for Ben (Sean Carrigan) were momentary and that it was never the real deal to begin with. The Young and The Restless fans were disappointed to see the couple come to an end, but due to Carrigan’s real-life side gig as a comedian, his appearances in The Young and The Restless have been fleeting at best. By ending their on-screen romance, The Young and The Restless writers could move Abby onto greener pastures so to speak, and free her up for new relationships.

Gorgeous Abby has always had a string of men falling over her feet to capture her attention, so she will likely not sit around moping at the ending of her relationship with Ben. But Scott sees Abby for who she is, Victor Newman’s entitled and rich daughter. Scott knows that she has never gone without in her life, and probably has never had a shortage of dates, money or attention in her life.

The Young and The Restless fans have been enjoying the banter between Abby and Scott as she just doesn’t seem to understand why he doesn’t agree to everything she proposes. For the first time in Abby’s life, someone challenges her and it leaves her gobsmacked.

Abby is trying to climb the career ladder and recently asked Scott to write an article about her. Scott laughed at her and left Abby fuming. This new Abby, the one with business savvy and a brain, this Abby may capture Scott’s interest later on. As for Abby, at the moment she is feeling lost now that Stabby has come to an end. Scott piques her interest and his nonchalance sparks feelings for him that are starting to grow.

According to Soap Central, The Young and The Restless spoilers indicate that Victor changes Scott’s job orders and tells Scott to spy on his daughter for him as she is hiding some financial matters from him. So, Scott is bound to feel caught and guilt at some point in this drama.

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