‘One Piece’ Episode 790 Spoilers: Jimbei Asks Big Mom For His Freedom, Will He Be Willing To Pay The Price?

One Piece Episode 790 spoilers suggest that it will be a crucial time for Jimbei as he begins to negotiate with Big Mom for his freedom from her group. While the Yonko may not openly stop him from leaving, she may demand a price so high that even the very determined Jimbei could be having second thoughts.

Jimbei Saves Whole Cake Island From A Rampaging Big Mom

But first, a brief recap of the highlights of the previous episode. One Piece episode 789 of the anime series, which is already available online on Kiss Anime, shows just how dangerous and unstoppable the Big Mom could be when she gets into one of those fits. It appears that the Yonko can no longer distinguish friends from foe in that terrifying condition, enemies and even families are equally at risk of being killed by Big Mom whose sole concern is getting a taste of the food that she is craving for at that instance.

Unfortunately, Big Mom only wanted croquembouche at that moment and nothing else. It is basically a dessert made our cream puffs or crystallized fruit usually stacked together in a conical arrangement and held in place by a caramel syrup. But of course, fans know by now that all food items are a bit different in the Whole Cake Island arc as most could talk and even move about.

While the ingredients of a croquembouche are not particularly rare, the dessert is a bit time-consuming to make. Thus, while the chefs were still busy making the dessert, all the inhabitant of the island’s capital Sweet City are at the mercy of the rampaging Yonko.

In fact, Big Mom devoured several of its citizens especially those who looked like food. However, consuming the incorrect food item only seemed to anger her even more as they don’t taste like the croquembouche she was looking for. Upon seeing that Big Mom was almost upon the castle, one of her sons, Moscato, tried to reason with her. It was, unfortunately, a big mistake on his part as the Yonko is no longer in her normal state of mind. She killed her son with her lifespan-stealing ability when he can’t produce the dessert she sought.

Everyone in the castle was saved when Jinbe arrived just in time carrying the croquembouche that the Yonko has been craving for. After the Yonko ate the dessert, she immediately reverted to her gleeful self. Apparently, Big Mom cannot remember anything that happened during her fit and even asked what she was doing outside the castle.

Jinbe Asks For His Freedom From the Big Mom Pirates

But there was a cliffhanger that was introduced at the end of the episode, the outcome of which could be revealed in the upcoming One Piece episode 790. Seizing the opportunity and perhaps capitalizing on his role at being the underling who successfully secured the croquembouche and averted a disaster, Jinbe was about to tell the Yonko of his plan to leave the Big Mom pirates and join Luffy.

However, the perceptive Yonko beat him to it and asked if Jimbei planned to leave the group. The episode ended with Big Mom asking him to follow her in what could most likely become some sort of negotiation for his release from her forces.

Will Big Mom Release Jimbei?

Naturally, curious fans of the hit anime series want to know if the Yonko will just release Jimbei that easily. Accordingly to One Piece anime spoilers, Episode 790 will show Big Mom pretend that she is okay with anyone leaving her group as long as one is willing to pay the price.

Apparently, the price could be a little too steep for some. There are talks that no Big Mom pirates member has successfully left the group. Given the Yonko’s fearsome ability that could take away years of one’s lifespan, there are even speculations that Big Mom could be asking the same from Jimbei, a price that he might be unwilling to pay.

Luffy And Crew To Battle Strange Creatures

Meanwhile, there are One Piece episode 790 spoilers saying that it may not be smooth sailing for Luffy and his crew as they stealthily inch their way into the Whole Cake Island. There are speculations that the waters surrounding Big Mom’s are filled with strange creatures, some of which have already been revealed in the previous episode in the form of those giant monster fish that looked like fruits.

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