Simone Biles Says ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Changed Her Body—But Not In The Usual Way

Simone Biles says she is happy with her experience on Dancing With the Stars, despite being cut from the competition just one week before the finals. But the five-time Olympic gold medalist also admits her body has changed after her nine weeks on the celebrity ballroom competition—and not in the traditional way.

While most DWTS stars rave about all of the weight they lose while competing on the ABC dance-off, Biles told Us Weekly her body changed in another way.

“It looks different than my gymnastics body because I haven’t been working out,” Simone told Us.

“Dance helps keep me in shape, but I’ve lost my six-pack. I’m not as toned. I think I just lost a little muscle definition.”

Still, Simone Biles says that the Dancing With the Stars experience was “wonderful” and that she learned a lot about herself.

I feel like I found out a lot about myself, not just gymnastics Simone, but normal Simone,” Biles admitted.

While Simone says she lost her six-pack, the 20-year-old gymnast previously revealed to People magazine that her many years of Olympic training didn’t prepare her for the grueling rehearsal schedule she endured while she was competing on the ABC reality show.

“I have spent almost my entire life pushing my body to its limits, but all my years of gymnastics training still did not fully prepare me for what it’s been like to do Dancing with the Stars,” Biles wrote on her DWTS blog for the celebrity magazine. “I’m getting the steps down that [pro partner Sasha Farber] is teaching me, but there’s just so much more to dancing than I ever thought there would be.”

Simone revealed that she used muscles that she never used before when she was competing on Dancing With the Stars.

“I’m used to being sore, but I am going home from rehearsals with sore muscles that I never knew could get sore!” Biles wrote. “In gymnastics, we’re barefoot the entire day in training. With dancing, my calves and shins are aching at the end of the day because of the heels.”

While she’s missing her six-pack, before she was on Dancing With the Stars, Simone Biles had been vocal about body image. Last December, Simone shut down body shamers who criticized her appearance in an Instagram photo that she posted while on vacation in Belize. In the photo, Simone wore a one-piece, white bathing suit and shorts.

After a commenter called her “ugly,’ Biles fired back with a response on Twitter.

“You all can judge my body all you want, but at the end of the day it’s MY body,” Simone wrote. “I love it and I’m comfortable in my skin.”

Simone Biles previously stood up to a male gymnastics coach who called her fat. Biles spoke to People magazine about the 2013 incident, saying the exchange actually helped her in the long run.

“It was really hard, because growing up I never felt overweight or fat, so it shocked me like, ‘Why would he say that?'” Simone admitted to the magazine. “But in a way, it actually shaped me for the better, because it just taught me to rise above and to love my body no matter what.”

Simone Biles and her pro partner Sasha Farber were eliminated from Dancing With the Stars just one week before the mirror ball trophy will be awarded. The remaining DWTS contestants are NFL star Rashad Jennings, Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei, and former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross.

You can see Simone Biles on Dancing With the Stars in the video below.

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