‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 92 Spoilers: Buu Won’t Wake Up, Shall Goku Replace Him With A Villain?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 spoilers suggest that the highly anticipated main event of the Universe Survival Arc, also known as the Tournament of Power, will not be happening in the upcoming installment yet. But fans can still expect a thrilling episode as Goku and the Universe 7 team try to come up with a solution to their most pressing concern – the lack of warriors to complete the 10 champions needed to fight in the tournament sponsored by Zeno.

Buu Drops Out of the Tournament

With only around three hours to go before the Tournament of Power starts, getting the news that a strong fighter will not be able to participate is probably the biggest blow to Universe 7’s chance of winning the match. Yet, that is exactly the problem the team will face in the coming Dragon Ball Super episode 92, which is aptly titled “Emergency! We Don’t Have All 10 Members!”

In the recently aired Chapter 91 of DBS English subbed, the team was shocked when they got a call from Satan informing them that Majin Buu will not be able to make it to the Tournament of Power for the most unusual of reasons. Apparently, Buu had fallen asleep while waiting for the tournament to start.

To say that Majin Buu’s sleeping pattern is a bit different from the rest will be the biggest understatement of all. Once he falls asleep, it would be some time before he will wake up. So just how long could Buu’s unusually lengthy sleep last? Well, it was revealed that he might not be waking up for the next two months, basically enough time for Zeno to erase Universe 7 many times over.

Naturally, this got the God of Destruction Beerus furious, especially since Majin Buu did it once before when he failed by sleeping through a written test. Thus, Beerus and Goku departed for Buu’s location to wake him up even if they have to beat him up in the process.

Goku Gives Buu’s Spot to Freeza?

But recent Dragon Ball Super Ep. 92 spoilers suggest that Beerus and Goku will ultimately fail in their efforts to wake up the sleeping Buu. Faced with the possible erasure of their universe, Goku will have to make a very unpalatable decision as far as Buu’s replacement is concerned.

The clue to the identity of his replacement comes from the DBS Episode 93 synopsis, according to ComicBook. Apparently, Goku will secretly decide to replace Buu with Freeza and will have Fortuneteller Babba resurrect the villain for him.

Of course, the other Universe 7 team members will not like the idea one bit when they eventually get wind of it. But with time running out and the fate of their universe at stake, complaining about it may no longer be an option. However, Goku has some failsafe in place, just in case the villain goes berserk. According to DBS spoilers, the resurrected Freeza will only have a 24-hour lifespan.

Krillin, Android 18 Could Be Quitting As Well

Meanwhile, the Universe 7 team may be facing multiple vacancies just hours before the scheduled Tournament of Power begins. In the brief Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 preview, which may be viewed below, it is hinted that Krillin and his wife, Andriod 18, could be quitting from the team as well.

Unfortunately, the reason for such an abrupt decision was not revealed by the brief preview. One can only hope that it is just a minor marital misunderstanding which the couple will be able to solve on their own. It is hard enough to find a suitable warrior to replace the sleeping Buu that Goku will be forced to recruit from the dead. Unless Goku is desperate enough to consider Yamcha in his team’s lineup. After all, the warrior has been waiting for the longest time and, for several episodes now, has been wondering when his invitation to the Tournament of Power will arrive.


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