Kourtney Kardashian Sickened Over Scott Disick’s New ‘KUWTK’ Romance — Dating Kylie Jenner’s Friend?

Kourtney Kardashian was sickened when she heard about reports claiming that her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, is allegedly hooking up with Bella Thorne.

According to Hollywood Life, Kourtney Kardashian and her family have known Bella for years — she’s often seen hanging out with Kylie Jenner since they share mutual friends between one another, so to know that Scott is allegedly dating a 19-year-old is hard for the mother-of-three to stomach.

Thorne and Disick were seen out and about together earlier this week in Hollywood, and while their chemistry didn’t necessarily give off the impression that they were dating, sources claim it was only the two of them spending the evening together out and about in Los Angeles.

Scott has remained rather quiet about the women he’s hooking up with, especially after he was busted by Kim Kardashian on numerous occasions, as seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend wasn’t just hooking up with women during a trip to Dubai with Kim, he was also said to have brought a female companion on his family vacation with the Kardashians out in Costa Rica back in January.

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So, if there’s one thing Kourtney’s former flame has learned, it’s to keep his personal life as far away from the Kardashians as he can, but it seems as if the 38-year-old is already onto the father of her children, and sources say that she’s disgusted from what she’s heard.

“Kourtney is creeped out by Scott possibly dating Bella,” one insider tells Hollywood Life. “She’s one of Kylie [Jenner]’s friends. The whole family knows her and has watched her grow up, including Scott. If Scott was trying to get some sort of revenge on Kourtney, it’s worked. This has gotten under her skin. But she’s trying very hard to block it all out. She just can’t afford to let him drag her down right now.”

The supposed fact that Kourtney Kardashian and her family have invited the 19-year-old into their home in the past makes it so much weirder because Scott was always around when the actress came to see Kylie.

She doesn’t have a problem with Bella, but it’s hard for her to comprehend why a young girl like her would want to be dating someone like Scott — not only due to their drastic age difference but also because Disick is notoriously known for choosing parties and booze over his relationships.

Kourtney Kardashian has allegedly moved on to model Younes Bendjima, who she’s supposedly been seeing for the last couple of weeks, but their romance has remained under the radar because the reality star wants to make sure that the 24-year-old is the right one for her.

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Unlike her siblings, Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t want to confirm her relationship with Younes until she’s sure that there’s a chance they’ll stay together forever, E! Online adds — with that said, it’s clear that Kourtney’s kids haven’t met mommy’s new boyfriend yet.

It’s further stressed that Kourtney Kardashian wants Scott to get out and date again. She wants him to move on with his life, but choosing Bella Thorne is something that the reality star is struggling to wrap her mind around.

If their romance turns out to be serious, Kourtney has to accept the fact that a 19-year-old will have somewhat of a responsibility to help care for her children when Scott carries the visitation rights to look after his kids while Kardashian is traveling.

What do you make of Kourtney Kardashian’s feelings regarding Scott’s supposed new romance with Bella — is she being reasonable with how she’s responded to the rumor?

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