Reason Why Vince McMahon Doesn’t Value Sasha Banks As A Top WWE Superstar Revealed

WWE fans have expressed some frustration regarding Sasha Banks’ booking over the past couple of months, but the reason why her push has faded away has everything to do with how Vince McMahon feels about The Boss. On paper, it doesn’t look like she’s been held back at all. She is a three-time Raw Women’s Champion, main evented Raw, and a WWE PPV, and she’s wrestled at Wrestlemania twice in her WWE career already.

However, Sasha has been featured in the midcard since her rivalry with Charlotte Flair concluded at the end of last year. There has been a lot of speculation about Sasha Banks turning heel and reigniting a huge rivalry with Bayley over the summer. Those plans haven’t come to fruition yet on WWE television, which is making the fans more frustrated with Sasha’s booking with each edition of Raw and each passing week that goes by.

It’s now being reported that Vince McMahon isn’t as high on Sasha Banks as many other WWE officials are in the company. Her connection with the WWE Universe and talent are undeniable even from Vince, and he values Sasha’s role in the WWE. Despite her overall appeal as a WWE Superstar, Vince believes that she’s injury prone because of her style in the ring, which will be keeping Sasha in the midcard for the foreseeable future.

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Sasha Banks is a very strong performer in the ring. Her talent is undeniable, but there have been quite a few complaints about her work inside the ring at times. Some people would just say that she’s not a technician, which is okay. It’s also undeniable that Banks has suffered her share of injuries over the past year. She has a history of back issues already, which means Sasha will have to have major back surgery in the coming years.

Apparently, it’s that history that has soured Vince McMahon towards Sasha Banks because she may suffer an injury in his mind at any time, which means putting a championship on her is a high risk. In fact, that is the reason why The Boss is a three-time Women’s Champion but doesn’t have a successful title defense. Her title wins were to bring her legitimacy, but she wasn’t and still isn’t expected to have a long title reign soon.

Unfortunately, her current role in the Women’s division is going to create a lot of problems. The WWE fans feel that The Boss is capable of more than putting over Alicia Fox on Raw, but the powers that be don’t seem to have any plans to give her another significant push. The rumored heel turn could change a lot of minds in WWE, especially if Banks can stay healthy. However, Alexa Bliss may have put that heel turn to rest for now.

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A huge advantage on Sasha’s side is her age. At only twenty-five, she has already accomplished so much. It’s an interesting thought to realize that she will get even better as a wrestler and as a performer over the rest of her career. There is a lot of time for her to regain Vince McMahon’s trust and break the stigmas about her in the next several years. However, she needs to stay healthy above all else to be successful in that over time.

For now, The Boss may need to take a backseat in the Women’s division. Alexa Bliss and Bayley are feuding over the Raw Women’s Title through WWE Extreme Rules, but WWE officials could give Banks the chance to work with Alexa Bliss after that. The WWE Universe would love to see that, and it could be another way to get Sasha Banks back into the title hunt heading into the summer.

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