‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ Star Marion Cotillard Ditches Dior For Chanel At Cannes

Marion Cotillard isn’t afraid of controversy, as she has proven time and again. Her latest head-turning incident came when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in support of her latest film, Ismael’s Ghosts. As is the case with many actresses, Marion has also pursued her interests in fashion and modeling by serving as a spokesmodel. The Ismael’s Ghost actress may be even more well known for her position as a representative of Dior, often using her public image to promote the fashion house’s line of products. This popular partnership between Dior and Cotillard seems to have come to an end, however, as the actress showed up at Cannes in a competitor’s dress.

Marion Cotillard Promotes Ismael’s Ghost And Chanel

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marion stunned fashion fans with her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, because it was the first time Cotillard was seen in products from Chanel. The pinstriped black lace-up dress from Chanel hugged Marion’s curves just enough without clinging too tightly to her skin, giving Cotillard a sexy and comfortable look. While the Ismael’s Ghost star was happy with the attention, onlookers were surprised to see the change from Dior to Chanel.

Marion Cotillard wears a Chanel design to Cannes, after her Dior dismissal. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

As it turns out, it wasn’t Ms. Cotillard’s choice to walk away from her lucrative deal with Dior. Sources report that Dior hired a new creative director and it was that fresh new executive who made the decision to dismiss Marion, perhaps with the intention of taking the brand in a new direction.

Sources close to Marion Cotillard say she’s taking the dismissal especially hard, after having been a spokesmodel for Dior for almost a decade. Since 2008, Ms. Cotillard has participated in 15 Dior campaigns.

Reps for Dior are not responding to requests for comment on the Marion Cotillard dismissal.

Marion Cotillard Sides With Cannes Over Netflix Debate

Marion Cotillard weighs in on allowing Netflix to compete at Cannes. [Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

Vanity Fair reports that a great deal of controversy is being waged at the Cannes Film Festival this year over the eligibility of Netflix films in the festival’s official competition. Netflix was permitted to enter two films in this year’s competition, but organizers of the Cannes Film Festival have already reversed their decision. Beginning next year, only films that feature a French theatrical release will be able to compete at the festival. This will exclude films produced by streaming services, such as Netflix.

Marion Cotillard was very vocal with her opinion, which supports the Cannes decision. While Cotillard may agree that streaming services should be excluded, her reasoning may differ from that of the Cannes Film Festival officials. For Marion, it’s more about the film watching experience than the availability of the films to France’s population.

Cotillard says watching a film in front of someone’s computer is a different experience than watching in the movie theater, where the audience’s energy can be contagious.

“The energy that you have in a movie theater when a movie is shared, whether it’s laughter or emotion, is priceless,” said Cotillard. “[The theatrical experience] is something that should be cherished, but at the same time, those [Netflix] movies are an artistic expression. I just hope it won’t spread too much.”

Marion adds that social media has had the opposite effect on the movie watching experience. Instead of bringing people closer together, Cotillard feels that it isolates audiences, as they huddle alone in front of their computers to watch a given film. While streaming services may have taken over the video rental market, Ms. Cotillard feels it has also created a divide in society and taken something very valuable from the film watching experience.

“It’s another step in separating people from each other, and I think it’s sad,” says Marion Cotillard.

Ismael’s Ghosts does not currently have a U.S. release date.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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