James McCoy Taylor Announces ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Plans, Will He Be Joining Season 4?

Fans of The Bachelorette fell for country artist James McCoy Taylor when he appeared on the franchise in hopes of winning JoJo Fletcher’s heart. James made it to the final six before being sent home brokenhearted. Now a year later, a lot of fans were hoping to see Taylor trying to find love again on Bachelor in Paradise. James made an announcement this week on whether or not he will be joining the rest of the Season 4 cast on the beaches of Mexico.

As it turns out, James was able to find a new love on his own with a little help from the dating site Bumble. Unfortunately with Taylor being in a new relationship, James has announced he will not be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, as many had hoped. James took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and the new woman in his life, along with a caption describing his new lady.

Many fans expressed their well wishes and happiness for James on finding love in the comments of his post. James’ new relationship comes on the heels of a personal confession he recently made. Taylor had recently come clean with fellow Bachelor nation friends and fans about how he feels his behavior since appearing on The Bachelorette had taken a turn in the wrong direction. Reality Steve was even able to reach out to James and had Taylor be a guest for his new podcast.

If you missed James’ big confession that led to his appearance on Reality Steve’s podcast, Reality Steve also shared the information on his blog. Steve was given a text that James had sent to a bunch of the women who had been on The Bachelor in past seasons. Taylor started the text out by identifying himself and then going on to say he has been bad and it is weighing on him.

James said, “I have been pretty bad… By pretty bad I mean really damn terrible. Sexually. A little bit with drugs. And a lot-a-bit with alcohol. It was disgusting to put it bluntly… I will go into more detail later of just how bad because I don’t think it’s fair to just brush over that – but first – let me just stop there and say how scared I am to write that to y’all – and to trust you with that… Really, really scared.”

Taylor continued by saying, “BUT…it’s the truth. And I’m tired of hiding things. I know for a fact some of the other guys feel this way and want to say probably something very similar to this – but just can’t make themselves do it. If you don’t mind I’d like to pause on myself and take a moment to talk about them…”

Next, James went on to say he will not mention names because that is not his place, but that many of the guys are feeling the same way he is. Taylor also said some were starting to feel empty. James did admit that many of them had great qualities about them, but that his text was not the time to give any praise to themselves.

James went on to apologize to all of them, along with his family. James shared personal details about how being in the spotlight made him popular with women and how he shouldn’t have gone down that path. Taylor asked for forgiveness and prayers as he makes personal changes in his life. After wrapping up his lengthy confession, Reality Steve praised James for being so candid. Steve also shared that James 100 percent confirmed the text was true and legit. The entire transcript of James’ text can be found on Reality Steve‘s blog.

It looks as though turning over a new leaf has worked well for James, as he looks very happy. Taylor has proved that admitting there is a problem is the first step to solving it. Hopefully James’ new relationship will work out; if not, there is always Bachelor in Paradise Season 5.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 will premiere in early August on ABC. In the meantime, don’t miss Rachel Lindsay begin her journey for love on May 22, on ABC.

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