Melania Trump Allegedly Behind One Major White House Shakeup

Melania Trump is allegedly behind a major White House shakeup that’s been dominating headlines in the last week. Seen as a quiet recluse living in the penthouse of Trump Tower, the first lady is anything but out of touch with what’s going inside the White House. She’s just as preoccupied as her husband about how he’s viewed in the public eye and might have a considerable hand in what’s about to develop.

Mrs. Trump pays close attention to how the media portrays her husband and alerts him to anything that she thinks makes him look bad. It’s a known fact that the president feels the press treats him unfairly, but Melania’s opinion hasn’t been as apparent until now. Insiders say that she’s concerned about leaks coming from anonymous West Wing staffers, and is especially displeased with one individual who works closely with her husband.

Rumors are rampant that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is about to be replaced and no longer give press briefings. According to Politico, sources and aides claim that Melania Trump has growing concerns that members among the president’s communications and press team aren’t doing enough to defend him.

Someone described as an “outside adviser” alleges that Melania blames Sean Spicer in part for her husband’s bad image in the media. She also thinks people are out for themselves and not being loyal to the president.

“She was really concerned that Spicer was not doing a good job, that they were not proactive in defending the president. The leaks bother her. She believes a lot of people are more interested in serving themselves than him.”

The report goes on to mention that Donald reaches out to a few people he trusts to get their perspective on how the dysfunction inside the White House is being reported. Melania is the main one aside from Ruper Murdoch, Chris Ruddy, and billionaire businessman Carl Icahn.

One of the friends speaking out over Melania Trump’s worries is Paolo Zampolli, a former modeling agent and longtime friend. She introduced Donald and Melania in 1998.

“Melania loves the president unconditionally, definitely, she really cares about the president, she feels a kind of protection. The main concern to the president and the first lady is that these leaks are unacceptable.”

Roger Stone, who’s a longtime associate of Donald Trump’s, said Melania isn’t one to be underestimated.

“She’s very private and she’s very smart. Anyone who thinks she’s a mannequin doesn’t get it. She has excellent instincts into who is trying to exploit their influence with him.”

Donald and Melania Trump are currently kicking off a 9-day trip abroad starting in Saudi Arabia. There are speculations that Sean Spicer will be fired from his job once they return to Washington. Melania has a chance to be closer to her husband and have “greater influence” over him when it comes to his day-to-day thoughts, the report calculates.

What’s more, Melania made her feelings known to aides about how the media treated her husband when he was on the campaign trail. She was open about how she thought scathing reports or issues could have been better dealt with. One example was when Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was blasted for being rough with a reporter at one of the rallies. Aides say Trump cared about his wife’s opinion in the matter. Former campaign adviser Sam Nunber recalls Trump sharing with his team any input that Melania had.

Is the White House shakeup regarding Sean Spicer a result of Melania Trump’s disapproval? The Washington Times reports that Sean will remain in the upper echelon of the press office, but won’t be on the podium delivering daily briefings. He’s expected to be replaced by deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders. The unraveling occurred after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. A series of miscommunication issues emerged over the fallout and prompted the administration to do some damage control.

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