How To Watch ‘Twin Peaks’ On Showtime Without Cable

Twin Peaks returns to TV on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at 9 p.m. ET, on the premium cable channel Showtime. For those who don’t have Showtime and don’t want to sign up for a full cable package, there are solutions. The show was a cult favorite when it first aired on the ABC network on April 8, 1990. Though Twin Peaks had a strong following and ratings were good, the show went off the air after its second season. Twin Peaks‘ return after 26 years has been met with great anticipation. Fans want to watch the show and some have stated they are willing to order cable in order to have access to Showtime and Twin Peaks. Fortunately, you don’t need to order cable in order to watch Twin Peaks. There are stand-alone options available and a plethora of choices that ensures everyone can easily watch Twin Peaks and other Showtime series, movies, and specials without committing to a full cable package.

The best way to find the option that meets your needs is to head over to the official Showtime website. There are even promotions going on right now as demand for Twin Peaks is at an all-time high. You can sign up for various services that offer a free trial and test out the provider before deciding if you want to continue. While at the Showtime site, you’ll see there are several options for ordering Showtime as a stand-alone feature that include the following:

  • Amazon
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Hulu
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Roku
  • Sling
  • YouTube

Amazon Prime offers Showtime as a stand-alone feature. Once you sign up, you can access Showtime through the official Amazon site or via the Amazon app downloaded on Smart TVs.

Those who have Android devices can access the Showtime app in the Google Play store. You can download the app, install it, then sign up for a Showtime subscription.

There is a Showtime app for Apple devices. Simply download the app from the Apple store and once installed, sign up for a Showtime subscription.

Hulu subscribers can add Showtime to their package as a premium add-on. Hulu subscribers can get a free month trial to Showtime to see if they like the service. Those with modern Smart TVs will find the Showtime app added to their Hulu account when they log in.

PlayStation Vue owners can add the Showtime app to their PS3 and PS4 devices. You can add Showtime as a stand-alone channel or add it to your Vue lineup.

Roku owners may find that the Showtime app is preloaded on their device. You can subscribe to Showtime through Roku.

Sling subscribers can sign up for Showtime and access all 10 Showtime channels with their subscription.

YouTube TV provides advantages to Showtime subscribers that are different than other apps. For instance, when you subscribe to Showtime through YouTube TV you can record episodes. YouTube TV is a relatively new way to watch programming, and with the option to add Showtime, it is an efficient way to watch Twin Peaks online and without subscribing to cable.

Many of the apps offer free trials and are available at different prices. Check with each application to see which works best for your needs. Additionally, those who subscribe to Showtime through a cable subscription may find there is a 30-day-free offer available. Check with the official Showtime site to see what offers are available in your area.

Are you excited to watch the Twin Peaks premiere on Sunday? Are you going to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider or one of the standalone apps and options? Did you watch Twin Peaks when it first aired?

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