‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Ep 9 Preview Analysis: Ymir Turns Heel, Beast Titan Reappears And Pursuit Begins

Attack on Titan Season 2 has been going full speed since it started airing just a couple of months ago. With the eighth episode airing this week, there are only four more episodes before the anime’s second season ends its run. If the preview for AoT Season 2 Episode 9 is any indication, it appears that the final act of the Clash of the Titans arc would be beginning next week, and it would be nothing less than epic.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

If there is anything that Attack on Titan Season 2 has so far excelled in, it would be its pacing. Unlike the first season, where some episodes were almost filler due to their poor pacing, the second season has been terrifically balanced. This was shown in this week’s episode, which was a notable breather after the insanity that transpired during Episodes 6 and 7. As could be seen in the AoT Season 2 Episode 9 preview, however, the anime would start gaining steam once more.

The brief teaser for Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep 9 showed the four Titan shifters engaged in an intense argument, with Eren mainly being enraged about what has happened so far. Considering that he has just been betrayed by two people he believed to be his allies, Eren’s rage is completely understandable, especially since the destruction which initiated the massacre at Shiganshina years ago turned out to be caused by Reiner and Bertholdt.

One thing that many Attack on Titan fans noticed in the preview, however, was Ymir’s actions in the brief teaser for the upcoming episode. Ymir and Eren awoke and began recovering from their injuries in Episode 8, and from what could be determined in the teaser for next week’s episode, it would appear that Ymir might be switching sides. In the brief Episode 9 teaser, Ymir was shown to be confidently speaking to Eren, almost as if she was convincing him to do something.

A heel turn for Ymir would be quite a notable development in the plot of Attack on Titan Season 2, especially since her Titan form was revealed to have eaten Reiner and Bertholdt’s friend from their hometown. Apart from this, Christa, possibly the only person that Ymir is capable of caring for, is still with the Survey Corps. With this, it would be quite interesting to see how she would react to the two traitors’ proposal of an alliance. Reiner, after all, has previously asked Eren to switch sides in order to achieve peace. Thus, it would be possible for Ymir to have taken him up on his offer.

Another notable scene in the brief Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep 9 preview was the reappearance of the Beast Titan. The massive, sasquatch-looking, human-speaking Titan has not been featured much in the past couple of episodes, but judging by the reactions of Reiner and Bertholdt in the Ep 9 preview, it appears that the Beast Titan has a role to play next week. Manga spoilers aside, there is little doubt that Reiner and Bertholdt’s hometown, as well as the Beast Titan, are connected in a very particular manner, and such a connection plays a huge part in the unraveling of the series’ plot.

If there is one thing that has excited many viewers and fans in online forums such as Reddit, however, it is the final scenes of the Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 9 preview. The brief scene, which features members of the Survey Corps and the Garrison pursuing the Armored and Colossal Titans, teases what could only be the build-up to the climax of the anime’s second season.

The pursuit and retrieval of Eren from the clutches of Reiner and Bertholdt comprises what could only be stated as the pinnacle of the Clash of the Titans saga, which the anime’s second season is practically adapting frame-by-frame. With this in mind, fans could expect a lot of intense, high-stakes action and massive twists to happen in the next four episodes. Needless to say, the final episodes of Attack on Titan Season 2 would most likely be the defining episodes of the acclaimed anime franchise. Considering that AoT is known to be an unrestrained anime, that is saying a lot.


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