Jessica Chastain New Movie: Will Play Ingrid Bergman In ‘Seducing Ingrid Bergman

Jessica Chastain has come a long way since appearing in her debut film Jolene in 2008. Since then, she has starred in a number of films, with some of the most recent ones being The Help (2011), The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016) and Miss Sloane (2016). Jessica Chastain presently boasts a net worth of about $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. You can check out the complete list of Jessica Chastain movies on IMDB.

Chastain is currently set to play the Oscar-winning icon Ingrid Bergman in the upcoming movie Seducing Ingrid Bergman. This is as reported by Variety. The film will be based on Ingrid Bergman’s relationship with Robert Capa, the renowned war photographer. The film is set in the period immediately after World War II. Arash Amel is named as the writer. While no director has been mentioned in the Seducing Ingrid Bergman report, Jonathan Reiman of the YRF Entertainment production company is said to be the executive producer.

Although Jessica Chastain has achieved a lot in her film career, The Zookeeper’s Wife actor recently revealed that she struggles to stay positive because of the nature of the industry and also disclosed why she won’t be posting any revealing pictures on social media anytime soon. This was while in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph. The following were her exact words.

“I feel lucky because there’s not one film I felt I was forced to do. It just took forever because I couldn’t get auditions. No one was really that interested and it was all rejection. Of course, facing so much rejection, being told I wasn’t good enough for a part, that I wasn’t pretty enough – I carried that within me and I behaved that way.”

“It’s not an industry that creates confidence; it’s something you’ve really got to find within yourself. I don’t feel uber-confident. I’m actually normally a very awkward girl and kind of shy and I’m not very social and so much has been going on. I’m talking about gender politics and the wage gap and women not asking for what they need.”

Just about a week ago, Jessica Chastain offered her view on film industry critics, pointing out that it was a one-sided affair. This was while speaking to the Guardian. She cited their significant sway to be of particular importance, as audiences across the world upheld their reviews, which at times were not neutral because of gender disparity. The following was her statement ín regard to this.

“Critics are the ones who suggest to an audience what stories are valuable and worthwhile and when you have 90 per cent of film critics as male, and perhaps not able to review a film from a gender-neutral point of view, we need to understand that we need more female critics to let women and men know that stories about women are just as interesting as stories about men,”

She also talked about her endeavor to take on more unconventional roles that were less prone to stereotyping. In 2015, Jessica Chastain expressed the amazing experience of working with other women on the set. She talked about how well-balanced The Zookeeper’s Wife production crew was, for example. Female producers included Katie McNeill, Kim Zubick, and Diane Levin. The following was her description of the experience.

“I’ve never seen a female camera operator like Rachael Levine on one of my films. And I’ve never, ever seen a female stunt coordinator like Antje ‘Angie’ Rau.”

“Usually on a movie it would be me and maybe two or three other women, even though there are 100 people there. It’s crazy. I loved making the movie Lawless— it was a very masculine story about three brothers — but when Mia Wasikowska showed up on the set, I ran into her trailer and yelled, ‘It’s a girl!’ I was so happy.”

This was as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

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