‘The Voice’ Coach Mystery: Why Did Miley Cyrus And Alicia Keys Leave, And Which Songstress Will Return?

The Voice has become famous for holding onto coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine while playing musical chairs with singers ranging from Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani to “Wrecking Ball” wild woman Miley Cyrus to soft-voiced Alicia Keys. This season, however, which Miley sat out, Alicia shocked fans with the sudden announcement that she’s leaving The Voice. Why did Cyrus and Keys depart, and which one will return?

In discussing her departure from The Voice, Alicia admitted that she wasn’t sure what was in her future. However, the songstress emphasized that it is her last season, reported ET.

“Who knows what the future holds, but I know this one is my final season.”

Keys, 36, first took over one of the revolving, over-sized red coach chairs on The Voice last spring. It was the first season as a coach for both Alicia and Miley, although Keys previously served as a mentor in 2014.

Reflecting on how she feels about her final season on The Voice, Alicia also noted that she’s not turning her back on the contestants she is coaching. Instead, she’s even more enthusiastic about her contestants.

“I’m so passionate about my team,” gushed the singer.

As for reactions from Keys’ fellow coaches, Adam Levine expressed his dismay at her departure known, even trying to change her mind about her future.

“I’ll tell you what the future holds: you being on the f**k[ing] show!”

However, Alicia also admitted that it’s not easy being a coach on The Voice and having to watch contestants she has coached getting eliminated.

Adam Levine protested when Alicia Keys revealed her plans to exit "The Voice."
Adam Levine protested when Alicia Keys revealed her plans to exit ‘The Voice.’ [Image by John Shearer/Invision/AP Images]

“Every Tuesday [elimination], I want to quit,” confessed Keys. “I’m distraught.”

Alicia also previously described her concern over why fellow coach Blake Shelton has become a runaway winner on The Voice, even declaring that she thinks Blake “rigged” the votes, reported PopCrush.

Shelton has coached five winners of The Voice, while Adam Levine has managed to get three contestants to the winners’ circle. Usher, Pharrell, and Christina Aguilera have each coached one winner, while Keys, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, CeeLo Green, and Miley Cyrus have zero thus far.

Alicia expressed her feelings about Shelton.

“I’m a little pissed off at Blake. I’m just sick of Blake, you know what I mean?”

Keys contended that Shelton “thinks he’s like Mister I win-all-of-them and all this.” She then described a conversation that she had with Blake.

“I told him this game must be rigged,” revealed Alicia. “Somebody else needs to start winning this game or people are gonna think Blake is over there paying somebody.”

As for whether Shelton is linked to Keys’ departure, Alicia didn’t say, with the reasons for her exit remaining a mystery. As for her pal Miley Cyrus, the reason for the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s absence from Season 12 of The Voice remains unknown.

But rumors have swirled for months that Cyrus and Adam Levine were feuding. Even before Miley became a coach, she served as the key adviser during Season 10 of The Voice. An insider told Us Weekly that during that season, Cyrus and Levine “totally butted heads.”

Miley Cyrus reportedly fueled a feud with Adam Levine on "The Voice."
Miley Cyrus reportedly fueled a feud with Adam Levine on ‘The Voice.’ [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

The alleged feud between Miley and Adam reportedly began that season because the two are so alike.

“They both have short attention spans. They find each other annoying,” explained the source.

“Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

Fast-forward to Cyrus’ first season as a coach on The Voice, and Radar Online reported that Miley and Adam’s alleged feud had gotten so explosive that Levine was threatening to quit.

“Adam really cannot stand Miley because he thinks that she is the most obnoxious person ever,” a production insider told the publication.

However, although Cyrus sat out Season 12 of The Voice, she’s scheduled to return for the next cycle. And that’s allegedly made Levine cringe, according to the source.

“Adam does not really want to return if they bring Miley back. He is that over it.”

Even though Levine and his buddy Blake Shelton have been mainstays of The Voice since it debuted, Season 13 could become unlucky for the show, according to the insider, who claimed that it’s not just Adam who’s threatening to leave The Voice just as Cyrus returns.

“Both Adam and Blake feel that they have run their course as judges and are highly considering both exiting at the same time,” said the source.

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