‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 537: What Fate Awaits Acnologia, Ichiya & Anna, Can Mavis Lift Zeref’s Ankhseram Curse?

The exciting wait for Fairy Tail Chapter 537, which is expected to resolve the biggest two cliffhangers left by the recently released Chapter 536 of the manga series by Hiro Mashima, begins. Unfortunately, the upcoming chapter will also mark the beginning of the end for the long-running series with only 10 more chapters to go before the series ends.

How Acnologia Fell Into The Trap

One of the biggest revelations in Chapter 536 was how Acnologia fell into the trap. Technically, the Dark Dragon did not fall into the Ravines of Time but was rather rammed into it.

The recent chapter proved that some of the Fairy Tail speculations contained in a previous report by the Inquisitr were correct. Since Acnologia cannot be defeated by magical means, the logical thing to do is attack him with a physical attack. But it did not come from Erza as previously speculated.

Seeing Jellal almost crushed by the Black Dragon’s claws, Erza indeed thought of saving him by attacking Acnologia herself. But someone else beat her to it. Chistina, Pegasus Guild’s ship that crashed, mysteriously started to move towards the Black Dragon.

It was later learned that it was Anna Heartfilia who attempted to pilot the ship in a last ditch effort to defeat the Black Dragon. However, it was a suicide mission knowing full well the possibility that she could get sucked into the Ravines of Time with Acnologia as well.

But controlling Christina proved to be difficult. Apparently, the Pegasus Guild programmed her as a precaution against theft so that only guild members can pilot her. Fortunately, a Pegasus Guild member was on board the ship the whole time, and in a display of bravery, Ichiya took over the wheel. Thus, Acnologia was successfully rammed into the Ravines of Time. Jellal, on the other hand, was likewise saved as the move took Black Dragon by surprise and he unknowingly dropped the mage.

What Happens to Ichiya and Anna

While Jellal was saved, the two mages who were on board the Christina were not. When Acnologia made contact with the Ravines of Time, the space-time aberration quickly devoured the dragon along with the ship and its two occupants.

It is too early to tell if the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 537 will indeed confirm that the two brave mages have perished. The only source of comfort that fans can lean on at the moment is the fact that the Ravines of Time is still not well understood. This means that there could be a small possibility that the two might have somehow survived owing to a still unknown quirk of the aberration’s mechanism.

The Fight Between Brothers

Another speculation that proved to be correct was that the brothers Zeref and Natsu were dead serious with their attacks on each other. Natsu used a very powerful attack known as the Wild Dragon’s Flames against Zeref’s fearsome Stygian Blast Circle. Apparently, both fighters wanted to end the fight with that single attack by giving it their all.

While Zeref is known to be the strongest wizard in the story, even he was surprised by the strength of Natsu’s new technique. Natsu’s flames were so hot that they easily overpowered Zeref’s own attack. Thus, Chapter 536 ended with Zeref lying on the ground, unable to move and utterly defeated.

Mavis and Zeref

But Natsu was not really keen on ending his brother’s life. In fact, it appears that he wished his brother would survive with his parting words about seeing him later. It was enough for him that Zeref is no longer a threat and left him to the care of the Fairy Tail’s founder, Mavis.

Of course, this begs the question of what Mavis intends to do with the now immobilized Black Wizard. The upcoming Fairy Tail Chapter 537 titled “The Power of Life” could be the clue. Does it mean that Mavis has found a way to reverse the Ankhseram Curse that has been plaguing Zeref for 400 years?

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