Why Bella Thorne Dating Scott Disick May Irritate Kourtney Kardashian

Unless one is living under a rock, it is practically impossible to escape the apparent brewing romance between Bella Thorne and Scott Disick. Their recent date and partying until dawn have been reported by all major news sites and has been packaged as an indication of the deepening relationship between the two stars. However, other recent reports seem to suggest that Scott dating Bella could be a move specifically calculated to irritate his ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

The blossoming romance between Bella Thorne and Scott Disick has been well documented by the media. According to the Daily Mail, the pair was recently spotted having a dinner date at Catch in L.A., raising speculations that the two could already be a couple, or at least, in the process of becoming one.

But it did not end there. After the cozy dinner, Bella and Scott went to another celeb spot, The Nice Guy, spending about an hour there enjoying more food and each other’s company.

But it did not end there either. Apparently, Bella Thorne must have thoroughly enjoyed Scott Disick’s company as the pair was reported to have partied until dawn. Kourtney Kardashian’s 33-year-old ex-partner and the 19-year-old Famous In Love star partied the night away at The Peppermint Club. They left the chic hot spot at around 1:30 a.m. and were whisked away by Disick’s chauffeured car.

However, Scott getting closer to Bella might not be to the liking of his KUWTK ex-partner. Latest reports suggest that Kourtney Kardashian might have strong feelings about her former partner’s latest romantic interest.

HollywoodLife reported that Kourtney is “creeped out” by the recent closeness displayed between Bella and Scott. An unnamed source close to the Kardashian clan told the publication that it may have something to do with how the family knows Thorne.

Apparently, Bella Thorne is a long-time friend of the Kardashian family. She is Kylie Jenner’s friend and the family watched her grow up, including Scott. And that means that she is also the perfect girl for Scott to have a relationship with if he wants to get back at Kourtney.

And if that was Scott’s intention, it seems to be working. Kourtney Kardashian was reported to be creeped out by the idea of Scott Disick dating Bella Thorne, but she wants to block it all out at the moment, unwilling to be dragged into the mess.

There are reports that Scott still loves Kourtney even after the couple ended their relationship back in 2015. In a previous Inquisitr report, Disick turned to alcohol and heavy partying to mask out feelings of hurt and rejection, now that Kourtney has a new man.

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The new man in Kourtney Kardashian’s life is the 24-year-old model and former boxer Younes Bendjima. The two were reported to have met last October during the Paris Fashion Week and have been seeing each other since according to E! News.

It was reported that Scott does not approve Kourtney dating the much younger man. According to the publication, Disick does not want to see any photos of them together and can’t stand his ex-partner with another man, especially if it’s Younes.

However, Kourtney and Younes were recently in the headlines when they were spotted spending a romantic Cinco de Mayo evening. Apparently, it was a double celebration for the couple as it was also Younes’ 24th birthday.

The couple spent the special occasion at the II Cielo restaurant and stayed there for around three hours before heading out together. The two were seen getting very cozy while inside and were even spotted kissing and holding hands.

This probably justifies speculations that Scott spending a casual night with a much younger Bella Thorne could be some form of revenge on Kourtney and Younes’ recent dinner. Could they be playing a game of trying to get the other one jealous by dating other parties?

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