‘Naked And Afraid’ Surprises Survivalists With A New Twist To The Challenge [Spoilers]

For the first time ever, both Naked and Afraid shows will merge in a special two-hour event, surprising the participants and adding a new dimension to the challenges they face. Naked and Afraid posted to their Facebook page a sneak-peek clip, along with a comment that says, “This Sunday, for the first time ever, WORLDS COLLIDE!”

The Naked and Afraid season finale will air first, with survivalists Chance Davis and Melissa Miller discovering that they are not alone as they begin their extraction journey after 21 days in the Amazon jungle. The clip shows them floating on a raft as they come upon the Naked and Afraid XL group. Everyone is surprised to see one another, and the next scene has them sitting around a fire when someone asks if they’d like to become a part of the Naked and Afraid XL group.

Melissa describes herself in a preview clip that she shared to her Facebook page as someone who has fought to overcome panic and anxiety attacks, and uses nature as her way to decompress. Melissa wants to prove to herself that she is a stronger person, and says that if she can beat the Amazon rainforest, then she will know that she has overcome the person she once was. She hopes that her partner likes nature as much as she does. As for Chance, he served in the military and states that he has already proven himself in combat. He goes on to add that he is not afraid of the elements or the animals, and is highly confident, joking that he will return home with black caiman chaps or a jaguar snuggie.

Cinema Blend shared that Season 3 of Naked and Afraid XL will feature many setbacks and injuries, and some of the participants will not be able to finish the challenge. Fans of the show have already seen Charlie Frattini, Lacey Jones, and Matt Wright leave Naked and Afraid XL due to incapacitating injuries. This left six survivalists remaining, and although at first they were dropped off in groups of three, each group found itself down to two members. Eventually they joined up to form one large group, and they are now working together to survive until their 40 days are up on Naked and Afraid XL. Since the Naked and Afraid veterans have asked Chance and Melissa to join them, there’s a good chance that these two may have skill sets the rest of the group can use to their advantage.

There has been some bickering and arguments among the survivalists, and perhaps adding two new faces will help dispel some of the tension the group has been facing recently, that is if either of them decide to stay and continue with the challenge. When Matt had to leave due to a serious infection in his foot, the group lost their most proficient hunter, and they have been struggling to procure enough food for everyone. Since Chance and Melissa obviously made it through their ordeal, perhaps one or both of them has the hunting skills that are so desperately needed by the Naked and Afraid XL group.

On the next episode titled “Divided We Fall,” there seems to still be six survivalists left, but there is a new team member, so it will be interesting to see exactly who left Naked and Afraid XL and why. On this later episode, unfortunately the rift between group members continues to deepen as Russell Sage tries to lead a team of men on a two-day hunting expedition. Even though they’re still having problems communicating with one another, being able to procure some much-needed meat should have a positive and immediate effect on everyone’s morale, so hopefully the hunt will prove successful.

Are you a fan of the Naked and Afraid franchise? Leave your thoughts, opinions, and comments concerning Naked and Afraid below. The Naked and Afraid special titled “Worlds Collide” airs at 9 p.m. ET, with the second part airing next on Naked and Afraid XL on Sunday, May 21, on the Discovery Channel.

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