‘Shameless’ Star Emmy Rossum Will Direct An Episode Of Season 8

Those who have been anxiously waiting for news about Season 8 of Shameless may want to consider following Emmy Rossum on Twitter, as she’s been very forthcoming with the inside scoop as of late.

A few hours ago, Emmy responded to a question on Twitter from a fan of Shameless asking if there was any chance she would be directing an episode from Season 8 of the series. Rossum responded to the question confirming she had “heard” she would get to direct an episode from Season 8.

The Shameless star has been doing a lot of chatting on Twitter as of late. A little less than a day ago, she also posted that she was “eagerly” awaiting her script for Season 8 of the series. It was in December of last year when Emmy put a lot of fears about the future of the series to bed when she confirmed the series would start filming Season 8 this month. With only a week and a half left in the month of May, Shameless fans can only assume they are about to get the show on the road.

As The Hollywood Reporter reminds us, it was just last season that Emmy Rossum got to make her directorial debut when she directed Season 7, Episode 4. The media outlet also reminds us that Season 7 of Shameless premiered in October of last year. For this reason, a lot of fans are hopeful that Season 8 will also have a premiere date during the month of October.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Showtime has yet to confirm a premiere date for Season 8 of the series. The fact that the month of May is almost over and Emmy’s post on Twitter suggests they have yet to start filming the series only strengthens the previous report that an October release date is unlikely. As Inquisitr has already mentioned, Season 7 is the only season of Shameless to have a premiere date in October. The first six seasons of the series all had premiere dates during the first or second week of January. Considering October is less than three months away, it is starting to look more and more like Shameless fans may have to wait until next year to see the release of Season 8.

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The upside to being a Shameless fan is Emmy Rossum has been pretty open and forthcoming with information regarding the series. Perhaps the Shameless star will give fans a little inside scoop on what they can expect when she finally does get the script and they actually start filming the new season.

For now, fans of the Showtime series are forced to continue to feast on fan theories of what Season 8 of Shameless could involve. There have been some fan pages on Facebook which have shared memes suggesting Mickey, Sheila, Sean, or even Jimmy could be returning to the show.


While the memes being shared on Facebook pages claim the return of these characters has been “confirmed,” this is not information that has been confirmed by the network or the actors/actresses. The meme above is an example of what’s being shared on fan pages that, unfortunately, hasn’t actually been confirmed by the network.

Truthfully, there are not any spoilers about Season 8 of Shameless that could be anything more than fan theories, as Emmy Rossum has revealed the cast does not yet have the scripts for the new season. So, they haven’t started filming and there is very little chance anything regarding the new season could have been leaked.

William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

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