PSY Opens Up About ‘Gangnam Style’ Craze, Claims To Have Contracted An ‘American Disease’ Of Arrogance

The “Gangnam Style” craze and South Korean singer PSY took the world by storm roughly five years ago. PSY became the name of a singer discussed in households all around the world and “Gangnam Style” became a dance that people everywhere knew how to do.

While the “Gangnam Style” craze made the South Korean singer a multi-millionaire because it was a global viral hit, PSY has recently opened up about how challenging the entire craze was for him. Is it possible having such an explosive viral hit so early on in his music career just made things harder for him? According to SOOMPI, PSY thinks it may have.

According to PSY, the explosive “Gangnam Style” craze of 2012 caused him to contract what he referred to as the “American Disease.” PSY believes having such a viral and successful hit caused him to get a big head and his own arrogance may have made it difficult to really push forward with his career.

The “Gangnam Style” music video, which went viral and ultimately resulted in the South Korean singer to become as popular as he did, can be viewed in the featured image slot at the top of this page. The video was originally uploaded on July 15 of 2012, and has since been watched nearly 3 billion times.

Roughly a year later, PSY released another music video for a song titled “Gentlemen.” While this particular song never really got the attention the song that originally put PSY on the map did, “Gentlemen” does have a little more than one billion views.

Gangnam Style performance [Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]

PSY never really stopped making music, but he hasn’t had anything explode the way “Gangnam Style” and “Gentlemen” did. Two years ago, he published a music video for a song called “Hangover” featuring Snoop Dogg. That same year he also released a song titled “Daddy.” Neither of these music videos managed to go anywhere near breaking a billion views.

The reason why PSY and the “Gangnam Style” craze have found their way back into the headlines is because the South Korean singer released two new music videos roughly a week ago. These two music videos titled “New Face” and “I LUV IT” have collectively been viewed on YouTube over five times more than his music video “Father” from two years ago. Has PSY gotten back the spark that originally made people around the world love him so much?

PSY claimed that he thought he did a pretty good job of being humble during interviews about his viral hit. However, he revealed he was arrogant on the inside as he suffered from the “American Disease” and believed he would have no trouble getting another hit like “Gangnam Style.”

“When I did interviews, I was humble and would say things like, ‘It won’t be easy to have a second hit like ‘Gangnam Style.’ But on the inside, I felt like it would happen again. I could have done variety shows like always and done different things, but I didn’t. This ‘America disease’ lasted two to three years.”

According to Next Shark, PSY had absolutely no idea the song was going to be so popular. In fact, the explosively popularity of the song actually scared the South Korean singer as he believed it caused so many people to have such high expectations for him and anything else he released.

“I had no idea ‘Gangnam Style’ would get that big. I started it for laughs but it got too big for me to handle. I started believing people were anticipating my next release, and it scared me.”

PSY realized that he was really his biggest enemy following the “Gangnam Style” craze. Once he accepted the fact that it was his own arrogance that was expecting so much from himself, he was able to get out of the slump the viral hit had put him in and really push forward with his music career.

Have you had a chance to watch “New Face” or “I LUV IT” on YouTube yet? What do you think of PSY’s new songs? Share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section found down below.

[Featured Image by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]

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