After Jenelle Evans Is Accused Of ‘Toilet Dipping’ Stepdaughter’s Toothbrush, The Mother Joins In The Feud

Anyone who watches Teen Mom 2 knows Jenelle Evans is not one to ever be quiet or to not air her dirty laundry on social media. And now, things between Jenelle and her future sister-in-law have gotten even messier as Jenelle’s stepdaughter’s mom joins the social media firestorm.

For those not following the pair’s social media antics, it all began when Jessica Eason Miller, the sister of Jenelle’s fiance, David, met up with one of David’s baby mama’s, Olivia. David has been unable to see the son he shares with Olivia for quite some time, and Jenelle texted Jessica to tell her that she thought it wasn’t a “good sister move” to hang out with the woman who was keeping her nephew from her brother.

After that, all hell broke loose. Jessica went on social media to indict Jenelle Evans’ character, and even went into a few Teen Mom fan Facebook groups to give her opinion on Jenelle. She accused Jenelle of doing all sorts of things, like smoking weed while pregnant with daughter, Ensley, letting her children get into her marijuana edibles and dipping stepdaughter Maryssa’s toilet in the toothbrush as punishment.

Jenelle Evans isn’t one to back down from an argument, so of course she had her come backs for Jessica. She told her Twitter followers that Jessica had been high on Xanex when she ran into a school bus full of children. She also wrote that Jessica had been in a physical fight during her pregnancy, which resulted in one of her children having cerebral palsy.

Jessica got Maryssa’s mom, Whitney, into the conversation after Jenelle accused her of sleeping with old men for money. But it took Whitney quite a while to get in on the act, as she had to download Twitter to start the conversation, though.

According to Jessica, Jenelle had been texting Whitney, telling her not to tell everyone that she had used Maryssa’s toothbrush to clean the toilet.

“Id appreciate it if youd not tell everyone i used maryssa’s toothbrush for the toilet thats all bye,” she wrote.

Jessica also states that the lovely letter that Maryssa wrote to Jenelle Evans on Mother’s Day is a fake and that Jenelle wrote it herself. According to Jessica, Whitney has told her that Maryssa doesn’t like Jenelle at all, despite her claims on Instagram.

“So if ur child doesnt wanna go around the new GF because she is rude to her, u take their phone away from her before u leave as punishment?

“Then [Jenelle Evans] takes, said phone, and starts texting the mom threatening to fight her.. Whitney would whip ur ever lovin a**

“All those staged pics w my niece.. Acting as if she likes u now.. For show.. Then writing a fake ass 2pg essay for her. #fakea**b***h

Duuuudde… What kinda weirdo does that?” Jessica wrote in a series of tweets.

Jessica also stated that Whitney couldn’t log onto to Twitter because Jenelle Evans’ fans were “going crazy” on her and that Maryssa’s mom could “wait to beat the brakes off of [Jenelle].”

Jenelle Evans was pretty quick to accuse Whitney of being a drug addict as well, which seems to be her insult du jour. After revealing that Whitney “has sex with old dudes for money,” she also stated that Maryssa’s mom was possibly a heroin addict.

“Why don’t you ask Whitney about how she was taking Maryssa overnight to Kenny Broxton’s, hence why david got custody … or how Whitney lost every job given to her lately because she is nodding out on pills… now david hears its heroin,” Jenelle wrote.

The saga will likely continue over the next few days, as none of these ladies seem like ones to back down from a fight.

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