LuAnn De Lesseps’ Friend Barbara’s Photos From Tom D’Agostino Wedding Weekend

On the latest The Real Housewives of New York City episode that aired on Wednesday night, viewers saw a woman question LuAnn de Lesseps’ relationship with Tom D’Agostino and her decision to marry him despite all the rumors that he’s a cheater. This time, it wasn’t Ramona Singer, Bethenny Frankel, or Sonja Morgan — LuAnn’s co-stars who have all expressed doubts about the relationship — who spoke up but someone who was supposedly LuAnn’s good friend. During a conversation that wasn’t filmed but was recorded, LuAnn’s friend, Barbara Kavovit, told Carole Radziwill she wasn’t looking forward to attending LuAnn’s wedding to Tom and that LuAnn was marrying him just to prove a point. Barbara also seemingly confirmed that Tom wasn’t faithful to LuAnn.

How does LuAnn feel about what Barbara said? In her blog post recapping the latest episode, LuAnn lashed out at Barbara for badmouthing her relationship with Tom. Apparently, Barbara never told LuAnn how she really felt about her upcoming nuptials to Tom. LuAnn said on her blog that had she known Barbara’s true feelings about her relationship with Tom, she would have never invited her to the wedding. LuAnn also denied Barbara’s claim that she went through with the wedding because she has something to prove. According to LuAnn, she has nothing to prove.

“Another ‘friend’ of mine, Barbara K. was caught on tape spreading rumors that I was having second thoughts about marrying Tom…after she RSVP’d ‘yes’ to my wedding! I never would have invited her had I known how she really felt about Tom and me. #GirlCode? You can tell by the smile on my face that I’ve got nothing to prove and everything to look forward to. Until next week, with friends like these, who needs enemies?”

While she may have had misgivings about the marriage, Barbara, who has a company that sells construction tools geared for women, seemed to have a good time at LuAnn and Tom’s wedding, which took place during New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach, Florida. Barbara posted several photos from the weekend, including a selfie of her and the bride.

Barbara also posted a collage of the festivities. One photo shows her with Dorinda Medley, who was the one who introduced LuAnn to Tom and has remained one of the few housewives to unequivocally support LuAnn’s relationship with Tom. For her caption, Barbara wrote that she had an “amazing weekend” celebrating LuAnn and Tom’s wedding.

Another photo shows Barbara at the reception, which she described as “beautiful.”

About a month prior to the wedding, Barbara posted a photo of herself with Carole on the night they had that conversation about LuAnn’s relationship with Tom.

During the Real Housewives of New York City scene, Carole and Barbara talked about their holiday plans. When Carole asked Barbara if she was excited to go to LuAnn’s wedding, Barbara, much to Carole’s surprise, said no.

Barbara gave her opinion that LuAnn was getting married just to get married.

“I think she has something to prove. She’d rather go through with it and get divorced than call it off.”

Carole brought up the rumors that Tom, who was caught last season kissing another woman, was still cheating on LuAnn.

“What about him? There’s so many rumors that he hangs at the Regency still, hooks up with women…”

Barbara seemingly confirmed the claim and added that she has warned LuAnn about Tom.

“That’s pathetic. I told her.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, LuAnn, after last season concluded, dismissed some of her co-stars’ concerns and declared that she and Tom were marrying against all odds.

Does Barbara Kavovit really have insider knowledge about LuAnn de Lesseps’ relationship with Tom D’Agostino? In her blog post, Carole Radziwill revealed that LuAnn and Barbara have been very good friends for decades. Carole also defended Barbara as the kind of woman you want as a friend.

“I met her a few years ago, through Luann, they’ve been friends for decades. I liked her immediately – she’s ballsy, brassy, sexy, smart, and sweet. Oh, and fun. If she’s your friend, you’re set. She tells you like it is, loves you, and then still loves you no matter what exactly “it” is. She’s the best kind of friend to have.”

Carole explained that after the cameras had already stopped filming, she and Barbara had a short conversation regarding their Christmas plans, which led to them talking about LuAnn’s upcoming wedding. According to Carole, neither she nor Barbara realized that they were still being recorded. Yet, while Barbara was caught expressing doubt about LuAnn’s relationship with Tom, Carole believes that Barbara is still the type of friend LuAnn should feel lucky to have.

“At the end of the event, after frenzied bidding and maybe a little frenzied booze, Barbara and I found ourselves in a corner comparing our Christmas plans. No cameras, we’d finished filming for the night. (Or so I thought.) But I still had a mic on so some of our conversation was recorded. No secret recording. Just one hot mic…I told her I was going to Aspen, she said she was spending time with family in Florida, then going to ‘the wedding.’ We talked for less than two minutes, Barbara expressed concern about her good friend’s nuptials. It wasn’t unfounded concern. Most of Luann’s friends were concerned. Very concerned (go back six scenes, to watch Ramona concerning away with Kathleen and Missy). Luann is lucky to have a friend like Barbara who knows a hell of a lot more than she’ll ever tell. Trust me.”

On Sunday, Page Six reported that Barbara filed a lawsuit trying to stop the scene of her and Carole from airing. In her lawsuit, Barbara said that she knew that the dinner was being filmed, which is why she pulled Carole aside after the cameras went away to have a private conversation. Barbara explained that she didn’t find out until a month later that Carole had on a mic and that the conversation was recorded, which prompted her to have her lawyer send Bravo and its parent company, NBCUniversal, a letter warning them that Barbara didn’t provide consent to air her “voice or likeness.”

According to Barbara’s lawyer, while Bravo nor NBCUniversal responded, she did receive a text on Monday night from a cast member that chastised her over the scene.

“I really don’t want to see you. You watch the next episode that’s on Wednesday and you tell me what you would do. Knowing what I know now I would never have invited you to my wedding.”

On Twitter, Carole Radziwill defended herself from the accusation that she secretly recorded Barbara Kavovit to get some juicy gossip about LuAnn de Lesseps’ relationship with Tom D’Agostino. Carole maintained that she didn’t know that the audio was recorded.

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