‘Boruto’ Episode 8: What Is Mitsuki’s Real Mission?

Boruto Episode 7 confirmed previous speculations about the dark chakra suggesting that it may not be going away anytime soon. The entity, which was featured in previous episodes causing problems by possessing some Konoha citizens, struck once again. This time, it possessed Boruto’s schoolmate who has been crushing over one of his female classmates. In fact, Boruto Episode 8 could reveal the reason why Boruto can see the evil chakra as well as the real reason why Mitsuki transferred to Konoha.

Sumire’s Secret Admirer

The Boruto Episode 7 preview seemed to suggest that ChoCho would try to lose weight as she will be encouraged to slim down by taking an interest in a boy. However, it now appears that fans were deliberately misled by the preview. While there was indeed some romantic interest from a boy, it was not directed at ChoCho at all but to her classmate Sumire, also known as the Class Rep.

In the recently released seventh episode of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series, a male schoolmate have been stalking Sumire as she walked around town with ChoCho and Sarada. However, it was particularly difficult to uncover his identity or even detect his presence as he was later revealed to possess some concealment ability.

However, Sumire’s elusive admirer finally met his match in ChoCho. She was shown to have particularly keen detection skills in Boruto Episode 7. Sensing someone hiding behind a vending machine, she slammed the area using her enlarged fist revealing the boy sandwiched between the machine and the wall.

With his identity already revealed, he eventually confessed his feelings for Sumire. Unfortunately, it was a devastating experience for the shy boy as Sumire rejected his request for a date.

Dark Chakra Problem

However, his rejection set the stage for the recurring problem of the series to strike once more. As previously speculated by the Inquisitr, the boy became the latest victim of the dark chakra, which seems to prey on the emotionally vulnerable.

With the dark chakra controlling the admirer, he became more aggressive in trying to get Sumire’s attention. He even went as far as writing a message on the blackboard inside their classroom and throwing away flyers containing love messages to the Class Rep.

Just like Shino and Denki before him, the lover boy eventually went all out and practically abducted Sumire to the school’s rooftop. Despite Boruto teaming up with Shikadai, it is just too difficult to fight an invisible enemy. Thankfully, ChoCho intervened and talked some sense into the lovestruck boy.

Why Boruto Can See The Dark Chakra

It appears that the dark chakra problem will not be going away anytime soon. The brief NaBoruto Episode 8 preview hints that the dark chakra problem could still be a major concern next episode.

In the preview, Boruto is very excited upon waking up one morning that his mother, Hinata, and younger sister even commented that he is acting a bit weird that day. Apparently, he just had a dream that may help him unlock the mystery of the dark chakra.

And it may even explain why it appears only Boruto could see the evil chakra at the moment. In the Boruto Episode 8 preview, it seems that he is convinced that it is his Byakugan, which he calls the eye that unravels lies, that enabled him to see the dark chakra.

Mitsuki’s Secret Mission

It is a question that has been bugging Mitsuki as well. Towards the end of Episode 7, the transfer student was perched on top of the Hokage Mountain talking to someone over some communication system using a snake.

Apparently, Mitsuki is reporting to someone about the dark chakra incidents and the fact that only Boruto is able to see it. This suggests that his transfer to the Konoha Ninja Academy is just his cover for a more secretive mission that has something to do with the dark chakra. In addition, his report ended with the promise that “we’ll continue our investigation.” Does this mean that there is another ninja in Konoha working with Misuki?

Boruto Episode 8 will arrive sometime next week. Stay tuned for updates.


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