Beyonce Furious After Amber Rose Trolls Her On Twitter: ‘I Am Becky With The Short Hair’

Beyonce is reportedly furious after Amber Rose took to Twitter on Wednesday, May 17, to say that “I am Becky with the short hair,” a clear reference to Beyonce’s smash hit single “Sorry” in her album Lemonade released last year. Beyonce had insinuated in “Sorry” that Jay Z once cheated on her with someone she dubbed “Becky with the good hair.”

“Becky with the good hair” is unknown, but fans have speculated about who she might be. One popular suggestion was Jay Z’s longtime friend Rachel Roy after she made a “suspicious” Instagram post about the time that Lemonade premiered on HBO. Roy is the ex-spouse of Jay Z’s former business partner Damon Dash.

Some suggested that “Becky with the good hair” might be the British singer and actress Rita Ora, while others thought it might have been Taylor Swift, according to Hollywood Life.

Amber, 33, shocked her 4 million Twitter followers when she appeared to claim the title of “Becky with the good hair” on Wednesday evening.

“Hey Beyonce… I got a secret: I am Becky with the short hair.”

“Short hair” was, of course, a reference to Amber’s platinum blonde buzz cut.

However, after a furious backlash from Beyonce’s fans — the Beyhive – Amber posted to Instagram an apparently tongue-in-cheek apology video featuring the TV personality Charlemagne. She claimed in the video that she was not responsible for the tweet and that her Twitter account was hacked.

“Damn I think my Twitter got hacked.”

“I think mine got hacked too… but Ima telling you something… Tyga’s music is trash.”

“Damn Charlamagne, f***.”

Amber has since taken down the tweet. But fans have been trying to guess which of Amber’s statements was a joke: the tweet in which she claimed she was “Becky with the short hair” or the Instagram video in which she claimed she was hacked. But others suggested that both statements were meant to troll the pregnant “Formation” singer.

But Beyonce’s fans have hit back, saying that even if Amber was joking, her tweet was ill-timed. Beyonce is in the final trimester of her pregnancy with twins. Her doctors have described her pregnancy as “high risk” and advised that she steer clear of stress. This makes it the wrong time to try to upset Beyonce.

“Everyone has been coming at Beyonce about [the tweet] and the timing is the worst. She’s in her last trimester with the twins and not supposed to be having any kind of stress,” a source reportedly told Hollywood Life.

“And now she’s got to deal with people whispering about [Jay Z] and Amber Rose. She’s trying to keep calm, but it’s upsetting. The last thing any wife wants is to picture their husband with another woman.”

However, the source told Hollywood Life that Beyonce believes that Rose did it for attention.

“She[Beyonce] thinks it was done for attention and that’s just shameful. Amber should know better, she’s a mother too, it’s just a horrible thing to do.”

Amber is notorious for stirring the pot. She also targeted rapper Tyga, Blac Chyna’s ex.

“Dear Tyga ever since you left Blac Chyna your music has been [trash]. it’s always been trash just more than usual.”

Blac Chyna and Rose are best friends. This is not the first that Amber has blasted Tyga for dumping her friend Blac Chyna to date 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.

Early in 2016, Amber Rose riled up the Beyhive with comments about what she perceived as a double standard in the way that the public treats women like her and superstars like Beyonce.

“So if we could sing, it would be OK if we were on stage half-naked,” she said in an interview with the Daily Beast. “We all love Beyoncé, but she’s on stage half-naked and twerking all the time, yet people say, oh, she has talent so she’s able to do that.”

“We don’t have the talent that Beyoncé has, so we get criticized as former sex workers, but at the end of the day we’re just women—we’re all women—and we should all embrace each other. No one is greater. We’re all the same.”

The comments sparked a backlash from the Beyhive forcing Rose to apologize in a series of tweets, saying that her comments were taken out of context.

Amber’s latest social media escapade comes after an intruder reportedly broke into her home in Los Angeles while she was in the house sleeping, according to multiple media reports. But other sources said she discovered the break-in after she returned to her Los Angeles home from a trip to Miami.

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