WWE News: Former Champion Talks Possibly Returning To WWE With Dream Of Headlining ‘WrestleMania’

It is no surprise that virtually every single wrestler wants to end up in WWE and their ultimate goal would be to main event WrestleMania, but what about those who have left the company? John Morrison, also known as Johnny Mundo, is currently one of the biggest stars in Lucha Underground, but he received his big start in WWE. Even though he parted ways with the promotion more than six years ago, he may not be finished and could look at a possible return.

Right now, Mundo is in Lucha Underground as he has been for three years, but being a member of that roster gives him a good bit of freedom to do much more. He has won multiple championships during his time with the promotion and he is easily one of the top stars in the entire company.

Still, there is always the dream of the fans that he will return to WWE one day to continue where his career first started. It was back in 2002 that he began on Tough Enough before moving on to be the lackey of Eric Bischoff before being part of numerous successful tag teams and having a great singles career.

As the 37-year-old continues going through his career, Morrison isn’t getting any younger, and returning to the place where it all began isn’t a dream of just the fans.

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John Morrison (Johnny Mundo) recently spoke with Wrestle: List about being involved in a 128-man tournament in 5-Star Wrestling, but the conversation went in many directions. One of the things he was asked was if he has any kind of relationship with WWE and if it is a good one, but he kind of scooted around that one.

“Well, right now I’m under contract with Lucha Underground. And I’m really happy with Lucha Underground. In my opinion, it has the best wrestling on TV currently. Rey Mysterio, Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Son of Havoc, Angelico, PJ Black, Taya, Dragon Azteca, Brian Cage – the roster of Lucha Underground – the product, the polished one hour TV show is really cool for me. And it’s in Los Angeles, where I live, we’re shooting three of four months, and then taking time off during which I can do things like make movies, like with Bounty Hunter, and wrestle for promotions, like Five Star Wrestling. So, right now I’m really happy with where I’m at.”

A response like that isn’t overly surprising as he would obviously support the company he works for and he does seem to truly enjoy it. Being able to perform for other promotions as well as star in movies such as Bounty Hunter is exactly what Morrison loves to do, and in WWE, all of that may not be possible.

That didn’t stop him from addressing a possible return to WWE in the future, though.

“Will I go back to WWE? I don’t know. It’s what I grew up on and I always dreamt of headlining a Wrestlemania, and it’s one of the few things that I haven’t achieved that I dreamed of as a kid. Never say never in wrestling.”

Fans have wanted it for a long time and the former ECW World Champion is saying there is at least the chance that he will be back in WWE.

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During his stint in WWE, Morrison racked up a pretty impressive resume and list of accomplishments:

  • Intercontinental Championship – 3 times
  • ECW World Championship
  • World Tag Team Championship – with The Miz
  • WWE Tag Team Championship – 4 times with Joey Mercury (3 times) and The Miz (1 time)
  • Slammy Awards – two

John Morrison became a huge fan favorite in his final years with the company, but he parted ways with WWE in late 2011. It was in 2015 that he told Stone Cold Steve Austin that the company wanted him to sign a new three-year deal, but he needed time to heal some injuries and he wanted to control his own time more.

Johnny Mundo has won multiple titles in Lucha Underground and he loves being in a wrestling company that works the way it does. He has actually won a number of championships across multiple promotions, but his big start came in WWE and it doesn’t appear as if he’s fully accomplished all he wants to in Vince McMahon’s giant. One day, a return could happen for the man formerly known as John Morrison, and it could come in a WrestleMania main event.

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