Kendall Jenner, A$ap Rocky Bond Over Horrific Robbery Incidents Amid Romance Rumors

Kendall Jenner and A$ap Rocky have grown closer after the rapper had learned that he was also robbed of his personal possessions at his Los Angeles home.

According to reports, more than $1 million worth of items were stolen from the rapper’s home, and as devastating at it sounds, Kendall Jenner could resonate with the situation because she had found herself in a very similar situation back in March.

While out on the road, Kendall Jenner learned that someone had entered her home and stolen up to $200,000 in jewelry, which, of course, was an incident that happened just months after her sister, Kim Kardashian, was held at gunpoint in Paris by a group of Parisian men who were after the $7 million wedding ring she wore.

If anyone can relate to what A$ap Rocky has gone through, it will be Kendall Jenner and her family, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Kendall has reportedly been trying to lift the rapper’s spirit knowing that losing up to $1 million in precious items is devastating.

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While the 26-year-old would most likely be insured, the fact still remains that someone has broken into A$ap’s home, which could now give him the impression that moving elsewhere would probably be a wise move, in the hopes that an act like this would not repeat itself.

Kendall Jenner has been very supportive of the situation. The rapper’s rumored girlfriend has assured him that they will find the people who robbed him of his possessions and that he shouldn’t stress too much about it as it’s only going to worsen the situation when one is paranoid to the point where they can’t function properly.

Kendall Jenner was said to have been so paranoid about her own incident that she hired a handful of bodyguards to protect her home at all times, but she’s been much more at ease lately knowing that incidents like these usually don’t occur in her Calabasas neighborhood.

“A$AP’s robbery was a traumatic experience for him. However, it has actually brought he and Kendall Jenner closer together. She has just gone through a very similar situation and was able to really identify and relate to his uncomfortable feelings of being violated,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“She has been talking him through the tough time, and they are now bonded in a way few others would be able to understand.”

News of Kendall Jenner supporting A$ap Rocky after being robbed of more than $1 million in personal possessions comes just weeks after the duo showed off some serious PDA at the Met Gala fashion event in New York City.

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Reports continue to insist that Kendall Jenner is dating the rapper, Life & Style adds, but the model has remained silent on allegations that she’s seeing the 26-year-old, having previously mentioned that she doesn’t like talking about her love life to the press. If there’s one thing she won’t want to share to the world, it would be who she’s dating.

Kendall Jenner and Rocky have been friends for years, but it’s evidently clear that their relationship has heated up lately, particularly at the Met Gala when photos of A$ap with his hands around Kendall Jenner heavily insinuated that the duo is seeing one another.

The model has no plans to confirm or deny reports regarding her relationship to Rocky. Right now, her main focus is to make sure that Rocky isn’t traumatized by the experience of being robbed — she’s been assuring him that things will get better and the people responsible will be found in due time.

What do you think? Is Kendall Jenner dating A$ap Rocky, or are they just really close friends?

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