Select ‘GTA Online’ Races, Adversary Modes Offering Double Rewards, Cunning Stunts Cars Discounted

Another week-long event is underway in the multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V. Players can earn double cash and RP in select activities now in GTA Online. Four Cunning Stunts vehicles are also on sale for the duration of the event. The GTA Online bonuses are active now and will end on May 25 when another event will likely begin.

This week, stunt races and special vehicle races created by Rockstar Games are offering up double cash and RP. In addition to races, GTA Online players can earn extra money in two adversary modes as well. The Juggernaut and Resurrection player-versus-player modes are also worth more for the next week. Not to mention, players can save 25 percent on four special vehicles from the Cunning Stunts update, according to the Rockstar Games website.

Stunt races push players through props and unique tracks while performing death-defying jumps and stunts. These races include loops, rings of fire, hamster tubes, and other obstacles for up to 16 players to overcome. Special vehicle races are a variant of stunt races, and the ones created by Rockstar Games are also worth more right now. These stunt races are created for several of the special vehicles found in GTA Online.

Special vehicle races include tracks for the Rocket Voltic [Image by Rockstar Games]

Special vehicle races include tracks for cars like the Blazer Aqua, the Rocket Voltic, and the Ruiner 2000. A list of special vehicle races can be found on the GTA Online website. Each race offers a track and obstacles built for the car it features. For example, races for the Ruiner 2000 will have players deploying its parachute or jumping over each other to win. The Blazer Aqua pushes players to travel on land and sea while races for the Rocket Voltic ask players to use the car’s massive rocket.

Of course, other activities are also worth more cash and RP for the next week. The Juggernaut and Resurrection adversary modes are also paying out double cash and RP for a limited time. The Juggernaut mode features two teams fighting to take down the other team’s Juggernaut. This character is heavily armored and nearly unstoppable. If a team does not take down their opposing Juggernaut in time, all players become a Juggernaut.

The Progen GP1 is marked down by 25 percent off right now [Image by Rockstar Games]

In the Resurrection mode, two teams work to take each other out with no respawns. However, a dead teammate can be revived if a player on their side manages to eliminate an enemy. The team that controls the point or wipes out the other team is considered the winner. If these conditions are not met after a period of time, Sudden Death begins and Last Team Standing rules are applied with no revives available.

Alongside the bonuses to select races and adversary modes, GTA Online players can also save money on four Cunning Stunts vehicles. The Grotti Turismo Classic, the Hijak Ruston, the Pegassi Infernus Classic, and the Progen GP1 are 25 percent off until May 25. Several modifications are also 25 percent off over the week including brakes, exhausts, spoilers, and more.

Each week, a new event including double cash and discounts goes live in GTA Online. As the Inquisitr reported, the double payout on heists ended on May 15, making way for the current set of bonuses. Like last week, a new Premium Race and Time Trial are also available until May 22. “The Loop” Premium Race is for the special vehicle; the Rocket Voltic, and this week’s Time Trial, is “Down Chiliad.”

Starting May 23, the “Steeplechase” Premium Race will be available alongside the “Del Perro Pier” Time Trial. Cash is rewarded for players that earn the top three spots while all players earn triple RP in Premium Races. Time Trails, on the other hand, task GTA Online players with beating par times for a cash and RP reward.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]

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