Chris Cornell’s Death Sparks Grunge Music Fans To Demand Protection For Eddie Vedder

Fans of grunge music all around the world have been brought to their knees after the death of Chris Cornell was confirmed early this morning. According to Yahoo Music, Cornell was a rock hero and had some of the “best pipes” in the grunge music scene.

Other musicians, fans, friends, and family members have all taken the death of Chris Cornell extremely hard as it is being described as “sudden and unexpected.” According to CNN, Cornell had just performed at Fox Theater in Detroit as part of a U.S. tour with Soundgarden. A family friend went in to check on the rock hero around midnight when he was discovered on the bathroom floor and was not responding. Said family friend called 911, but Cornell was pronounced dead shortly after they arrived. CNN also reports that while the official autopsy report has not been completed his death has been ruled as a suicide as Chris hung himself.

Bustle reminds how difficult things have been for those who enjoy the grunge and rock music scene. This reminder comes because the death of Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman is just the latest in the grunge music scene. Fans have also had to mourn the passing of Kurt Cobain, Andy Wood, Layne Staley, and Scott Weiland.

Bustle notes fans of grunge music have decided enough is enough and want the universe to stop taking rock heroes away from them. As a result, the frantic and heartbroken fans have caused Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam to begin to trend on Twitter. Why? Well, they are demanding his protection – at all costs.

Those who recall the devastating loss of celebrities last year which included Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Harper Lee, Elie Wiesel, Prince, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Shimon Peres, Arnold Palmer, and Nancy Reagan may be experiencing a bit of déjà vu with this story. This is because there was a man who launched a campaign to protect none other than Betty White from 2016 celebrity deaths last year, CNN reminds us. This campaign to protect Betty White was launched mere hours after news of Carrie Fisher’s death had broke. Some can only assume grunge music fans were inspired to launch a similar campaign to protect Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam following last year’s campaign to protect Betty.

Some of the tweets requesting the protection of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam as a response to Chris Cornell’s death can be viewed below.

Celebrity Insider notes Eddie Vedder is also mourning the death of Chris Cornell as the two had a pretty solid friendship that goes back to the days where the grunge music scene was just getting started. The two actually worked and performed together as part of the Temple of the Dog. The media outlet goes on to note the relationship between the two singers was so close Eddie had actually been photographed holding Chris’ daughter Lily shortly after she was born. The two even had a brief stint as actors with cameos in a 1992 film called Singles.

Bustle also took a moment to address any concerns that the protection of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder trending on Twitter has little to do with the death of Chris Cornell. The media outlet, however, does not believe the tweets discussing Vedder are intended to take attention away from Chris Cornell’s death. In fact, chances are pretty good discussing the protection of Eddie Vedder is just a method of grieving the loss of Cornell in grunge music fans’ own way.

Grunge music fans are certainly entitled to hoping the music gods don’t take away any more rock heroes for a while, especially if it makes morning the loss of Chris Cornell a little easier for them. Rest in peace Chris – the grunge and rock music scene will miss you.

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